I Am A Lightworker

By Ernst: What does a lightworker do? And what is a lightworker? Lightworkers are people preparing other people on Earth for the new age to come. They bring Light, from within themselves, because they have gained deep knowledge in previous incarnations (lives) or they have received it through transmission, through a clear and pure channel.

“Lightworker ship” therefore comes from your soul, it is a mission that is felt so deep down that you cannot escape it. In past lives, it was often not good to be a lightworker. Often lightworkers have had traumatic experiences in their past lives in which lightworkers were persecuted. This is because they were, for example, healer, herbalist, or seer and were tortured and killed for that. They are not always happy with their lightworker shelf.


In this life they also have a profession that belongs to their soul mission, such as healer, coach, speaker, trainer, therapist or psychologist. You cannot become a lightworker, you are one! No courses, techniques and initiations are required for the Lightwork, as each soul can only initiate itself, with life itself being the greatest school of learning. Lightworkers never work in groups, for they work exclusively on the “Self”.

We are well on our way to move into a new dimension, where all of the old will disappear. Old pieces that have not yet been processed are processed now, hearts are opened and the darkness that held back all light disappears and gives way to the Light. The energy of earth is spinning faster, for people who want to go along with this energy. It is certainly not an easy process without pain, but beyond the pain and misery you can make a new start. A lightworker is a very pure person and works without self-interest and not out of ego. A lightworker is love and spreads this love to everyone, without losing contact with earth. He or she acts as a kind of bridge between heaven and earth and in this way connects the old dimension with the new dimension. This is an eternal process whereby they continually purify our thinking, acting and systems without judging others, but still discerning what really serves the Light and what does not. Ultimately also to find our balance.

How can you recognize a lightworker?

• Because lightworkers have lived many lives on earth that were dominated by spirituality and religion, they often feel an affinity with spirituality, traditions and religions. In the past, they were rejected and persecuted, which has left traces and can therefore be against spirituality.

• Lightworkers have always felt different. Often, even different from the family they grew up in.

• Lightworkers are individualists who follow their own (unbeaten) path.

• Lightworkers can very easily pick up negative emotions from others. It is therefore important that they have to learn to deal with this.

• Lightworkers have a natural interest in ancient civilizations and extraterrestrial life, often because they have vague or strong memories of past lives.

• Lightworkers are very bad at handling authority and display of power.

• Lightworkers can have difficulty with conflict, aggression and self-advocacy.

• Lightworkers are born helpers which can express themselves in different ways.

• Lightworkers often have a spiritual awareness from a very young age. They are attracted to self-awareness.

• Lightworkers are very empathetic. They are often so sensitive that they take over someone else’s pain and sometimes even take it away.

• Lightworkers have an innate respect for life. Violence and aggressive behavior against animals and plants affects them. They often stand up for people and animals in difficult circumstances.

• Many lightworkers feel homesick, often without knowing where home is. They feel like a stranger on this earth.

• Most Lightworkers are soft, sensitive and empathetic in nature. Often they wear a mask.

• As a child, lightworkers can be dreamy and floaty and don’t feel well grounded.

Lightworkers have a job

Lightworkers are among us to support the people and ease the way in the growth of the common consciousness. People are awakening from within and they are there to help them in this process. Every lightworker does this in his or her own way. They are nothing more or less than other people and modesty characterizes them. Lightworkers are on Earth to serve.

A lightworker is not one who ignores the dark, but one who transforms the dark!


May you have a Blessed 2023 ahead of you!

Love and Light,


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