How Your Home Can Influence Your Relationship

If you have been long time out of a relationship and are longing to be in one, or you want to bring that spark back into your current relationship, your physical home can have a big impact on your personal life and attracting or reigniting a loving relationship. It is important to have a look around your home with fresh eyes. Perhaps you move furniture around all the time, and perhaps you have never moved furniture since you have moved in. It isn’t about moving furniture all the time, yet, it is important where furniture and the items placed on it are located in your home.

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Everything is energy, so it is important to keep the energy flowing in your home. How do you know if it is flowing or not? Lets have a look at some things that need checking:

– Broken Items. If you can fix it, get it done as soon as possible. If you cannot fix it, take it to the tip. Broken items can represent broken hearts and relationships from the past and that isn’t the energy you are wanting to bring in is it? As you are fixing or releasing the item, use the mantra, “I am fixing and/or healing my past.”

– Cluttered Spaces. Cluttered spaces in your home, represent cluttered minds and cluttered energy fields (Auras). How can anything new come in, when you have everything ‘filled up’? If it feels too overwhelming or you don’t know where to start, hire some help. Can’t afford it? How much are you willing to support yourself and love yourself? Allocate savings towards it. Choose a night a week that you spend 1 hour on it, or daily for 30 minutes a day. Set a timer. If you haven’t used it and won’t, recycle it, give it to the op shop. If you want to keep it, get organized and buy some organizing boxes/files/shelving to support it. How are your computer/phone files? As you are organizing, use the mantra, “I am straightening up my life, so my energy and life can flow.”

– Cleanliness. Now, we don’t have to go all obsessive here! Yet, if you have lived in your home for a long time, and you haven’t cleaned under your fridge, washing machine or even cleaned your windows or window tracks, it may be time to either hire some help, get a friend to come over and help and instead of having a cup of tea or coffee, you can clean and chat together (and then tea/coffee afterwards). Dust and dirt that has been laying around, holds ‘old’ energy in your home. Choose a day a month, to check these places and regularly clean them. Every time you vacumn and clean your home, hold the intention you are clearing your space, cleaning out old energy, and welcoming the new. Use the mantra, “I am cleaning my Soul, the past is released so the new can come in.”

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– How is your garden looking if you have one? Are there weeds? Weeds can represent old patterns, negative beliefs and unsupportive ways of thinking. As you are weeding your garden, use the mantra, “I am choosing to change my old negative patterns, for positive and helpful ones.”

– How is your furniture placed? When you walked into a room, can you easily move/flow around it? Or is there something blocking the doorway?

– The items you have in your home, also are important. Do you have pictures of single people up? Statues of single person man or woman? Invest in something that inspires you, perhaps a couple statue or a photo or a happy couple that inspire you. Perhaps it is a photo of the masculine and feminine in balance. Have pairs of things, two candles, two towels in the bathroom, even if you are single. The far right hand corner of a room is considered the ‘relationship’ space, so you can create an alter in this space and tend to it regularly with pairs of items.

Creating flow in your home, will not only help you to attract the lover you are seeking, but it will ultimately help every area of your life. If you need some more help, let me know and I will send you some free minutes so we can discuss further your specific desires and arrangements.

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