How To Make Most Of Your Readings

By Sofia: Whether you have questions about the status of your relationship or lost yourself somewhere in the process, whether someone close to your heart chose to leave or ended things without closure, a psychic reading will help with providing clarity and understanding of the circumstances. Unanswered questions and loose-ended situations, can leave you feeling lost, not knowing what is the best way to move forward. The decisions you make now will affect the future and the course of your life.

But how can you be prepared for the best possible outcome? How do you know which is the best option when you find yourself standing at crossroads?1sofia2

Most of my clients come to me during a painful life crisis, to help them clear their path or bring clarity to a situation they feel confusion. Whether your concerns are about love life, finances or major life changes, as a reader it is my responsibility to shed light at your current circumstances and help you understand why things happen the way they do. In every crisis there is a hidden blessing that gives you the opportunity to change your life. This pivotal point is exactly when you need to harness the power of a reading that will give you the best possible guidance for the outcome you want. You alone have the ability to reverse any situation, with the help of an experienced psychic who can provide deeper insights about your life.

That said, your reading is a mystic and sacred connection. If you want to dive deep into the truth of your questions here’s 7 Steps for making the most of your readings:

1. Prepare: Before your reading, come with a clear mind and an open heart. Your energy is important here. Though most of my clients come for a reading during challenging times in their lives, it is important to come for your reading having a neutral state of mind and heart, in order to have the best connection with your reader.

2. Set a clear intention: In order to receive clear answers during your reading, it’s best to have a clear intention. Whether you want a love reading, or an in depth reading about your entire life, the quality of your questions will determine the quality of your reading. An experienced reader will pick on your intention quickly, sometimes without you having to ask anything. However, on online readings like the ones practiced through LifeReader, it is best for you to be specific about what you want – so your reader makes most of your paid time and answers your specific questions. You can ask anything you want, but remember that a reading is mainly a spiritual practice in order to serve your highest good. That said, make it about you!

3. Trust your intuition: If you haven’t had a reading before, or if you haven’t found yet a reader that you connect well and trust, it might take some experimenting and exploration with several readers. You need to find a reader with whom you resonate with, and has your best interest at heart. It is important for you to connect with a reader you feel safe, understood, and directed towards the right path. Trust is important for your spiritual guidance, so do a little bit of research and have fun with your readings!

4. Connect: Be open to be read! Take a deep breath and allow your reader to connect with you. In most cases the connection happens fast. The quality of your reading depends on your reader’s experience, but also on the duration of time you allow the reader to tune in with you. It makes sense that 5 minutes reading over 30 minutes reading will result a totally different level of insights for you. Same applies with when or how you are choosing to have a reading. If you choose to have a reading while you are on your way to work, stressing to get there on time, its more likely that it will affect the energy you put into it. Your reader is a medium who receives information for you and through you, so allow them to give you the guidance you seek.

5. Be authentic: Don’t try to withhold information from your reader in order to test his/her abilities, and don’t feel shame or guilt about your current or you past choices. This will only be confusing for your reader and will send mixed signals. You don’t have to reveal everything either, but don’t try to misguide your reader. Your reader is there to guide you, not to judge you, and as a reader knows that part of your soul’s evolution is the path you are currently on. Honor all of who you are and know that your reader is there to provide clarity and guidance.

6. Receive the guidance: Be open to listen! You may be surprised by what your reader has to tell you. I had hundreds of readings where a situation seemed to be a dead end in the eyes of my clients. However, our spirit guides are here to provide solutions and help us see the alternatives we still have. Sometimes, our perspective isn’t the only way and being stuck on the “how?” doesn’t really serve you. So, be open to listen and trust the outcome and advice you receive in order to achieve your desired outcome.

7. Reading aftercare: Let your reading sink in and trust that higher forces are now in charge. Personally as a reader, if needed, I work with my spirit guides and other beings of light, to bring healing and peace to a situation or a person. A reading is the means to come in contact with spirit, but it is not the end of your practice. Try to see your life from the bigger picture of things. Make sure you trust the process and allow your destiny to unfold. The beauty of a reading is that it reveals events and foretells outcomes that will only make sense to your future self!

Last, but equally important, is to allow yourself to see a new possibility, to take notice of what you are called to do now and what is the patterns you need to let go in order to allow space for the guidance you received. A reading isn’t an outcome strategy, but a spiritual roadmap to help you get where you want with more grace, inner peace and ease. 1sofia2

Love, Light and Healing,


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