How To Become Spiritually Enlightened

By Delphia: In my previous articles, I have addressed the idea of creating a Lightworker and discussed the different aspects of the role. I explained that the first thing you do when you awaken to the Light is to embody your Light within yourself, in your emotions and in your expression. You can choose to focus on receiving your manifestation as a Lightworker or you may choose to focus on manifesting your Lightworker as a Lightworker. As you become more skilled with your own embodiment of the Light, you will find that your Lightworker experiences and expresses in unique ways and that you will often find yourself helping other Lightworkers in different ways.

One important aspect of being a Lightworker is that you must be a very flexible person. Many people are not very flexible and are easily rattled or Jarred. As a Lightworker, you must be fluid, peaceful, approachable, loving, and communicative.


As you awaken to your Light, you may find that other people are not always willing to help you and that you may run into many roadblocks on your journey to receiving the Light for yourself. This does not mean that you should run away or try to avoid people, but it does mean that you need to learn to be a bit more accommodating.

As you begin to awaken to your Light, you will find that you are drawn to others who embody the qualities of compassion and kindness. These qualities are the same ones that will draw others to you as well. You will want to help them to develop their own Light, to bring out the best version of themselves, and to come into their own authentic Light. Because this is an amazing opportunity for you and for others, there is no way that you can let go of the desire to teach and share your own Light. If you think that you can only get help when it is already too late, then you are wrong!

The biggest lesson I can give you about how to work with the Light is to remember that all of us have the power of choice. We each have the ability to choose whether we will allow the opportunity for ourselves to be drawn into the Light or not. It is up to us to decide whether we are going to allow ourselves to be drawn into the Light of others or not. You can be the hero in your own life if you make the choice to become part of the equation that is called “The Love & Life Force.”

One of the ways that you can help others to awaken to their own Light is to offer your support in their times of need. As you do this, you will be drawing your attention to them, and they will be drawing their attention to you. This has the added benefit of helping to release any resistance that they may have to receive what is being offered to them. They will be able to feel safe and secure because you will be there to offer your support in whatever way they need it.

When you decide that you are ready to become a Lightworker, the next step involves choosing the kind of teacher that you would like to be. This is done by choosing a specific area of life that you want to work with. Usually a mentor is chosen by either taking an initiative or by working with someone who is already a Lightworker. The teacher will then teach the apprentice how to become a Lightworker and what they must do in order to succeed. When you have made this decision, you will be ready to begin your journey as a Lightworker.


Love and Light,


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