How Spirits Speak To Us

By Brenda: It is hard to conceive of life being eternal. That there is life after death or another dimension or lifetime for those loved ones who have passed. As a Psychic and Medium I had pondered this from an early age. What happens when the body dies? Do they leave this physical world never to be seen or felt again?

As a Capricorn even though I was a dedicated believer in the psychic realm and the occult I needed proof. What would prove to be the best oracle to contact and receive messages from the dead? Throughout the ages going back to ancient Egypt people sought out seers and mediums to contact loved ones who have passed. The Priests of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome used a young child as a channel for the spirits a practice that saw a revival during the Victorian Era of Spiritualism.

1brenda2 The idea being that the spirits would come more easily through an innocent child. In these methods the priests would perform the ritual of invocation and the young child would verify and interpret the messages. I can honestly say that in order to discover the most successful way to channel information from the dead that was one method I skipped.

Mediumship and contact with loved ones have come a long way from the elaborate and ponderous rituals of the ancients. The one thing that true mediumship and channeling do have in common is that the spirits of the deceased choose those who they can speak through. From the other side, they have an inherent sense of who they can communicate through. Those of us with psychic sensitivity and empathic abilities are the ones they gravitate to.

Every sensitive has their own method or experience that works for them. Myself, I had often times received Clairvoyant and Clairaudient messages when reading the tarot cards but those were mostly random. I needed to find a method that opened the channels of communication between myself and the deceased that I would act as a sort of “Telephone from the Deceased”. I also knew that in contacting and receiving messages from the deceased I did not want to engage in physical mediumship.

Mediumship involves becoming a medium or channel for the spirit of the deceased to enter or speak through. Mediumship can be physical or non-physical. Non-physical mediumship is when the psychic or sensitive receives messages from the deceased without compromising their own protective aura of energy and allowing the spirit to enter their body.

Clear messages from the deceased can be received by way of pure psychic communication, dreams, automatic writing, the crystal ball or Ouija board. Physical manifestations from the spirits can occur in the form of table tipping, levitation and candle flame manipulation. However, at all times, the sensitive remains protected from physical possession of the spirit. Physical mediumship is rare and was practiced mostly in the Victorian era. Though, it has seen a resurgence in the New Age. It is a phenomena, in which the spirit energies manipulate the medium in such a way as speaking in voices from their world to ours, changing of facial features, the presence of smells, hot and cold drafts and manifestations of ectoplasm.

Physical mediumship is very rare due to the punishment that your body takes when trying to allow spirits to materialize from their world into our world. To do this they take substances from the physical body to form what is called ectoplasm and photoplasm which can be visibly seen as a red or blue light. When the spirit leaves the medium’s body, it almost always leaves a residue behind. This residue over time breaks down the immune system of the medium causing physical disease.

Physical mediumship was not for me, and was in my opinion a dangerous endeavor when contact could be initiated and maintained in so many other more responsible ways. That drew me back to my favorite and most dependable oracle, the crystal ball. Through the crystal ball clear images of the deceased would be shown to me much life a movie starring them. It was an oracle in which I could call upon at will without the possibility of spirit possession or influence.

When on the phone with a client their loved one would appear in the ball to show them images of remembrance and guidance for their lives. Once a year, every November 1st, I hold a Spirit’s Night Out where we gather in a circle and I channel messages of those who have passed through the ball. During the circle many strange and wonderful messages have come through as well as physical phenomena.

Proof of contact has included footsteps outside of the circle, the raising and tipping of tables and chairs, cold winds and strange perfumes. Everyone in the circle received a message that they could take into the New Year knowing that their loved still exists on another plane in another place and that they have not been forgotten. Questions are answered and assurances given, proof positive that the spirit lives on beyond physical death.


Love and Light,


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