How Do You Want Your Life To Look In 2019?

By Ann: Happy new year! This is dedicated to my clients and friends on Lifereader who have been earth angels who have accomplished so much in their lives and gone through so much and still radiates love. Believe In miracles, they happen; you just need to see what is in front of you, never look back at the corner of where you once were.

ann3 Do you believe in great new possibilities? Do you believe God has great new possibilities? For you? Yes, I know it is hard to believe when you see so much suffering and grief, we all have gone through this, you are not alone in anything right now. But, there is a way out and make 2019 the year of doing exactly what getting yourself on top of any obstacle.

“I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

God wants us to have a life of abundance through Jesus Christ. Spiritual, relationship, personal empowerment and financial abundance is for you and it’s all for your highest good. Identify and envision what each aspect looks like for you. Make short and long-term goals to get there. Remain focused on your vision and stay in action. Celebrate small and great achievements along the way.

You want to receive better, so you must believe in better. Awareness is the first step to creating change. Recognize and reject negative thoughts whether you receive them from other people or from yourself. We tend to limit ourselves to believe in what we see, and we subconsciously bring past experiences to our present. We want better, but our minds can play “remember when…” or “the last time I tried…”. It’s easy to believe in that because we’ve seen it play out before. We retreat in fear because the outcome was unpleasant. Recognize thoughts of negativity and doubt as lies. They are fear based and designed to prevent you from hearing God’s calling. When you are not aware of negative thoughts, you give them permission to deplete and defeat you. When there is a thought of past hurt, defeat it with positive thoughts of new possibilities. Condition your mind to push limits and achieve infinite success. Focus your energy on faith building and positivity. Energy grows wherever it goes. Faith drives out fear and clears your path to hope and success.

Tell yourself the truth and positivity. Speak love to yourself. Become a new being in this new year. Think of what we tell innocent, hopeful, young people to encourage them to achieve success: “You are smart, you are beautiful, and you can do anything you put your mind to.” This is loving and positive truth that you must speak and believe in your own life. Just as we do for children, praise all achievements great and small and encourage yourself to keep going.

Believe in new possibilities. Embrace your future of infinite love and prosperity. Take only the good from past experiences. When you think of the times you did not achieve your goals, please do not see failure. The only failure is accepting defeat by not trying. Use the lessons to empower you and propel you forward. Only allow your past to be part of your testimony. Do not allow 2018 be in your future, make 2019 your future. Make a difference.

Remember John 10:10, God wants you to have abundance and he will give it to you. My 2019 prayer is for you to receive what God wants for you because it is greater than anything you could ever want for yourself.


Love and Light,


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