Hey! What’s This Animal Doing in My Life Reading?

Part 2 – Animal Spirits So you’ve connected with your LifeReader psychic for a reading – maybe about your love life, work life or any number of life’s important questions. In the middle of the reading, the psychic says “a dog just showed up” or a “cat is here”. Well, this probably isn’t what you expected from your psychic reading, is it?

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This article is the second in a series explaining why an animal may show up in your reading – the reasons are not always the same, nor is the nature of the animals involved. For our purposes, I’ve classified them into three categories: “Spirit Animals”, “Animal Spirits” and “Animal Messengers”. The first article, Spirit Animals, can be found here: https://www.lifereader.com/articles/hey-whats-this-animal-doing-in-my-life-reading/

This second article is about Animal Spirits. The titles may seem the same – Spirit Animals and Animal Spirits – but to me, the meanings are totally different. I define Spirit Animals as being essentially spirit guides in animal form. An Animal Spirit, on the other hand, is the spirit of an animal that has actually been alive in this world – perhaps a beloved dog or cat – that communicates from the other side or has returned to this side in spirit form.

What is an Animal Spirit?

An Animal Spirit is the “soul” that is left after the body dies and is the part that remains eternal and unchanged between this world and the next. More than likely you have had experience in your life with some type of pet – cat, dog, fish, bird, turtle or some other creature. And if that animal is no longer alive in this world, you may miss them or feel their absence, maybe wishing that you could somehow communicate with them again. You may wonder if the pet is happy or misses you? As an animal psychic, I have connected with many pets that have transitioned. I will testify that the death of animals in this world does not mean their end and those Animal Spirits are usually very willing to connect. Even the current Pope, Pope Francis, has declared that all animals go to heaven.

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Why does an Animal Spirit appear in a Life Reading?

Sometimes an Animal Spirit will connect spontaneously in a reading, without regard to the intended topic. Most often it is a beloved pet who wishes to connect with a human they loved in this life. Occasionally they will be so happy to make a connection that they may even try to take over the entire reading. This sentiment is sweet and endearing but not productive for the original purpose of the reading. If this should happen, many psychics (me included) would offer an exchange of messages between the pet and their human and then request that the Animal Spirit step back.

Is it possible to connect with my own pet in a Life Reading?
Animal Spirits can be intentionally invited to a reading. Feel free to ask your LifeReader psychic if they can connect with Fido or Ginger or whomever. Many psychics will be able to make contact and deliver messages between you and your Animal Spirit.

(On a side note – I cannot mention the topic of Animal Spirits without talking about a recurring “theme” of sorts that I hear very, very often. A message that I frequently hear from Animal Spirits to their humans is “Love Abides”, especially from cats. What a comforting message for a bereaved pet lover to hear!)

So if you are having a Life Reading, don’t be surprised if your beloved pet comes through and don’t be hesitant to ask about them if they don’t appear spontaneously. And don’t be surprised to hear a message similar to “Love Abides”. If your reading is with me, I will be honored to deliver Spirit Animal messages of love to you and your love messages to them, as well.

What’s Next?

This article has provided information about one of the ways an animal may show up in your Life Reading. The last article in this series will feature Animal Messengers. Just as the name implies, these animals provide messages of varying importance to help you in your daily life.

Portions of this article were channeled through me from the Angel of the North. The accompanying pictures are from my Grace Cards and are a sample of what cards may show up to help me connect with Animal Spirits.

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