Hey! What’s This Animal Doing in My Life Reading? – Part 3

Part 3 – Animal Messengers So you’ve connected with your LifeReader psychic for a reading – maybe about your love life, work life or another of life’s important questions. In the middle of a reading, the psychic says “a leopard just showed up” – or maybe a turtle, dog, giraffe or some other animal. Well, this isn’t what you expected from your psychic reading, is it?

This article is the third in a series explaining why an animal may show up in your reading – the reasons are not always the same, nor is the nature of the animals involved. For our purposes, I’ve classified them into three categories: “Spirit Animals”, “Animal Spirits” and “Animal Messengers”. The first two articles can be found in the Articles Section at www.LifeReader.com. This third article in the series is about Animal Messengers – what they are and why they are important.

What are Animal Messengers?

Animal Messengers are just what the title implies – animals that show up in our lives with messages to help us make decisions as we navigate through life. The animals can show up anywhere in your life, including a psychic reading. The messages these animals bring are varied and helpful. I’ll give you a few examples, specific to readings. The pictures shown are actual cards from my Grace Cards, the tool I use for divination.

Leopard – usually when a leopard shows up in a psychic reading, the message is about their “spots” and refers to the saying about “leopards not changing their spots”. I usually interpret this to mean that we should not expect a change of behavior from someone just because it is what we might want. But sometimes it may be a lesson about learning to accept someone as they are. And if it appears upside down in a reading, it may be interpreted to mean that changing spots would be beneficial.

Turtle – The message from the turtle might be that the person in question is safe in their own home; it may mean that whatever the journey is, it will be slow; it may be that the person is hiding or in a shell; or it may simply mean that the person in question is at home wherever they are.

Dog – The dog in the picture is one of my favorites. This dog always brings the message to “relax and enjoy the ride”, even if you don’t know what the destination is.

Giraffe – The giraffe can come with a couple of different messages. The first is a message to “stretch” your neck to see a new horizon or to spot opportunities you haven’t even thought of before. An alternate message may mean that you are stretched too thin, either emotionally, financially or in some other way.

As you see, it is not the same message every time from the same Animal Messenger card. In order to benefit from the appearance of Animal Messengers, the messages need to be interpreted within the context of the reading.

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Do Animal Messengers Only Appear in Psychic Readings?

Animal Messengers don’t only show up in psychic readings – they also appear in our daily lives. Particularly if you see an animal acting out of the ordinary, it may be appearing just for you with a special message. For me, my parents, who transitioned to the other side years ago, often send me messages using animals. My mother most often sends frogs or woodpeckers with her love and greetings. My father chooses butterflies and cardinals.

You don’t have to be a psychic to spot these Animal Messengers or to figure out their messages – trust your instincts! Or if you are unsure or want confirmation, always feel free to ask your LifeReader Psychic.

This is the last article of this series about Animals that appear in Life Readings. I hope each article has been enjoyable and beneficial to my readers.

Portions of this article were channeled through me from the Angel of the North. The accompanying pictures are from my Grace Cards and are a sample of what cards may show up in a reading as Animal Messengers.

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