Gratitude and Joy

While doing psychic readings recently, two themes keep showing up – Gratitude and Joy. At first glance, you may wonder how these are related. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Let’s start with Gratitude. I believe that no matter what the situation, there will always, always be something to be grateful for. I’m sure many of my readers are saying – no way! There is no way I can be grateful for the situation I’m in – or the pain I’m having – or many other things that seem dreadful or even unbearable. I understand and have had those thoughts myself. But I have learned that looking for and identifying what there is to be grateful for in every situation can make that situation less dreadful and less unbearable.

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Here’s how I started. Every day for a period of time, I would think of one thing that I was grateful for. Just one thing each day. Then over time I expanded that to make a list of several things each day. Then on to as many as I could identify every day. By doing this, I learned to look for gratitude wherever I am and whatever is happening to me, until it has become automatic to look for blessings.

By starting small, you have an opportunity to practice observing the world with gratitude. Soon you will find yourself looking at the world around you and your own experiences in a different way – challenging yourself to find gratitude where previously you would not have expected to find it.

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After I got that gratitude recognition working for me – I began to understand more about myself and what I want in my life. These observations led me right to my Joy. Once you know what you are grateful for and what you want in your life, you have actually identified what brings you JOY. Once identified, intentionally getting joy into your life will become an easy task.

I believe from my own experience that finding gratitude in EVERY experience is possible! If you are having problems finding that gratitude, feel free to contact me or your favorite LifeReader Psychic for help. (My professional title is “Gratitude Ambassador”.)

Soon you will be able to find gratitude in everything. And once you find that, identifying your joy is inevitable.

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