Heart Opening Meditation From Jesus

By Stephan: Opening the heart is more than just being a kind person, opening the heart is actually compassion and love and also manifestation. I want to tell you this: When the heart is open, it’s much easier to manifest happiness, joy, love, and friends. All the things that you want will come true, basically, as a result of opening your heart.

So that’s the reason why I want to now give you a meditation on how you can open your heart and how you can practice this simple meditation once a day, or twice a day if you want, or three times a day. Basically, try to do this at least once a day.


So, the thing we are doing here is we are expanding the people we give our love to. We are also expanding the people we think of with compassion and as we do this; things naturally happen to us that are good things, things naturally happen that are beneficial. I want you to understand this: Love and compassion are not just for others, they are for you too – it’s also benefiting yourself.

So, this is a simple meditation and I’ll guide you through it. The first step is this: Relax, get into a comfortable position and breathe in and out a few times, just feeling the breath feeling your body. Breathe in, breathe out. Ok, now we begin the meditation – the first step is this: I want you to imagine your heart is a shining star; a glowing, shining, star and feel the light shining out in all directions. Now I want you to bring to mind two people that you care about. Just bring them to mind – it could be your lover, it could be your friend, it could be your parent. Whoever it is, bring to mind two people you love and now want you to visualize the light rays from your heart reach out and send love to those people. The light rays are your love, so you’re sending your love to them and just repeat a mantra like “May you be happy”, “I wish you well” or “I love you.”

That’s the basic process and now the second step is this – you try to think of someone you don’t care much about and you try to send love to them. Just do your best and you can do this meditation for five or ten minutes. It is going to work beautifully.

Now the second process is you think of someone you know who is suffering and you do the same visualization: Your heart is a star and as you send the light to them – you’re imagining you’re sending compassion and you imagine you’re making them feel better. Do this compassion meditation for five minutes and that’s our meditation! – Jesus.


Love and Light,


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