Healing After A Breakup

By Carmel: Many of us who have loved have suffered a breakup, and perhaps the worst part of suffering one is to pretend that it does not hurt us. If you have ever loved anyone with full sincerity, whether or not you have been loved in return, you will know that disentangling your energy from someone else is a lot more difficult in most cases then you ever envisaged it could be.

In a spiritual way of looking at love, the powerful emotions and feelings that are released in our energies when we fall in love, are part of a karmic destiny path and also part of our learning. Those who share this philosophy also believe in renewal of spirit and heart and belief and faith in life and love going on will more than get you through, it will help you to manifest more of the life you are really seeking by opening you up to the paths beyond and out of breakup.


Believing in healing and going on after a love affair or very powerful relationship of any kind have ended is very important and in my work I have helped many of my clients to reach a new level of healing which begins with them believing in themselves more and opening up to a new life rather then getting lost in the old one.

In working with many clients, we often have certain questions that come up around love and breakups, so I will go through a few of them herein.

1.Will you get back together, and how long should you wait? Many clients ask about this and I can only say it depends on the couple and what led to the breakup. As hard as it is to accept if you are the one who is left, a breakup happens because there is a fundamental problem area in the connection. Before you wish too many times for the person to come back, take some time out to try to see your past connection without rose colored glasses on. Were you really in one mind with each other or did you really see that you had different ways of looking at life? You also need to question honesty, were you both honest with each other and if you were honest from your side was your partner not honest with you?

If the breakup is due to toxic situations like violence that was directed at you by a partner or abuse in a serious form, you were being protected in the person breaking up with you and you should not wish for the situation to return. You need to begin the process of healing in any breakup with some honest assessment and reflection on what exactly it is that you have lost and indeed whether you really want the situation back.

You may at first find it too hard to really look honestly at the relationship and often this is where a reading may help you to talk it over with a person who has an empathetic and insightful view.

Talking over how you feel if done with a person who is trained to understand you can be a powerful first step to healing as it can provide a sense of detachment but the most important thing is to be honest with yourself about what really happened and how both of you saw the relationship you had.

Whether you get back together or not, you must take some time out to heal and understand what happened if you wish to learn and grow after this period and one area that you need to look at closely is where you have broken up on more than one occasion, as this could definitely indicate a need to fully assess the relationship.

You will get back together if you are meant to grow together again, but you must recognize that it is a choice for both partners, and that is how it must be. Sometimes you will honestly do yourself a favor if you begin the process of moving on, as soon as you can see that your former partner is not receptive to getting back together or reconciling and as hard as this maybe, over the long run it will help you to heal much faster.

2.How can you get your mind off the breakup? Renew ties with people who are important to you , grow a network even by starting step by step. Many of us devote a great deal of time to a primary relationship and forget to nourish the connections with significant others in our lives so take time out to look after ties with family and dear friends again or join new groups and foster old interests or passions to connect you with like minded others. Start to get more perspective in life and see the big picture again.

3. Can you do exercises to heal? Yes, you can and you can work on protecting your heart chakra as well by visualizing a pink aura field right around yourself and your body. In particular see healing light in and around your heart chakra area, and see yourself surrounded by protection, as this will help you to heal. Your Angel Guides will always be around you at times of great life challenge and you can invoke them around you spiritually to help you move forward .

4. Is it wrong to wish ill on someone you have loved when they leave you or with their new partner? As tempting as it maybe to dwell on justice when you feel you have been wronged, wishing ill on your Ex and his or her new love cannot help your healing process and in fact will stop you moving forward. The sense of hurt and feeling lost will pass but you cannot truly be free of the past until you let go of the need to get revenge. You have not lost someone who no longer values you, the universe has set you free to go on with life. The value of understanding your karmic journey can be very powerful here as you realise that you are a valuable soul and human in a life journey that may have had many lives and loves in it. You can and will find love if you believe you will attract it again, but you will the wiser soul for what you have learnt.

Healing your body, mind and spirit after a break up can be a challenge but you can do it and know that you will have joy and fulfillment again.

Contact me for a chat or phone reading to look at this situation more or any other area you wish to have deeper insights and guidance with. I have worked with many clients to help them clarify their path and heal the past. We always work with the Higher Self and call in their Angel Guides.


Love and Light,


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