Halloween? What is this really all about?

Well it is one of the oldest rituals dating as far back as 840s honoring of the Saints and all spirits. October 31st is an eve of all saints day and, honor to this has traveled as far as Ireland, Britain, the south of France, and pretty much all points in-between. Funny thing is, the original place of Halloweens first recognition is really not even much recognized! It is the day when all of the souls that are not any longer residing with use here on the earth plan can get close to us. In Fact this is not a pagan ritual, its true origin is Christian! “Trick or treat” is perhaps the oddest and most American addition to Halloween, and is the unwilling contribution of English Catholics”.

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A Time when The Vail between the Spirit world, and material world is virtually transparent. All souls are free. For some this is unnerving particularly if these souls have not achieved a higher level of spiritual Integrity. Another word they are NOT happy souls! so we dress up jackolanters to shine light on them, wear masks to protect you from the evil, and ward off if necessary. The very best part of it all we get to take our children, out and enjoy a great night of fun and laughter, and eat a lot of Good Candy. However, the truth of this widely speak eclectic ritual, is to honor the souls of our loved ones and souls of everyone. Even the lost souls that just can’t seem to find their way out of darkness.

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This time of year also sets of the HOLIDAY SEASON! for many all over the world. I find this to be the most joyful time of year to open your heart, soul, celebrate and entertain. Experience the beauty of sharing, giving, receiving and just allowing yourself to have fun, and engage all of what life has to offer. So the next time someone states Halloween is a trick to deceive children into the devils clutches. I suggest providing them with the REAL origin of hollows eve and invite them to discover its true Christian significance along with tow additional great and more important Catholic festivals that follow it! Happy Halloween 🙂

Enjoy, spirits are dancing all over the world tonight.

God Bless xx,

Dr Sunny

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