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By Brenda: Psychometry is a method of divination in which the psychic or medium reads the vibrations of objects. Divining from it, visions and impressions of where the object came from. Jewelry, especially those made of conducting metals like gold, silver or copper are the easiest for the psychometrist to read because it has been close to the wearer.

1brenda2 Often when a psychic is consulted in a missing person’s case a piece of clothing of the person is presented to them. The vibrations and impressions are individual to the psychometrist who may either see, feel, hear or taste according to their own gift. Not as popular now as it was in the early 20th century psychometry was looked upon with suspicion because of its association with the séance circuits.

It is however, a real divination method that is thousands of years old going back to ancient Egypt. Priests and priestesses were schooled in the magical arts which included many types of divination methods. They were encouraged to absorb the energy of an object and to let it speak to them. Inanimate objects such as statues and amulets were often infused with certain vibrations and it would be up to the priest or priestess to discover if they were harmful.

A fairly simple method of divination psychometry challenges a person to really get in touch with their guides or the super-consciousness. To begin, as in all divination methods the mind should be clear, unfettered by the surrounding noises. Hold the object in your hands then begin to clear your mind of all the daily “junk” that inhabits it on a daily basis. Impressions, wisps of visions may rush at you all at once. Take note of them and do not second guess what you see or feel. Second guessing your impressions will almost certainly leave you with the wrong information. The rule of thumb in all forms of divination being “If you see it, say it!” no matter how strange it may be.

Other uses of Psychometry besides divinatory purposes are in natural, energy healing. A sensitive healer can place his or her hand on the body and see the source of the disease or pain. Many times the healer will even be given impressions of what types of herbs or treatments would be best for the patient. This method of healing/psychometry was sometimes referred to as the laying on of hands. There are Egyptian tomb paintings depicting this type of healing most often with the god Anubis of the goddess Isis.

When the people would come to the temples of the priests and priestesses they would be made to lay down, given a sleep herb so that the healers could “read” their dreams. Sacred oils produced in the training temples of the priests and priestesses would be administered to the patient, rubbed on their bodies to make them whole again. In Early American Folk magic, the healers or wise woman would lay their hands on a person to read their “humors” or energies. They would then prescribe the appropriate herbal remedy to dispel illness from the patient.


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