Flame Of Life

By Ann: Hello there! Again, another topic on the flame of life, it is put in a prospective that I am sure you are going to enjoy. Think about this, if we are sitting in a dark room together and I light a candle what is the first thing that you are going to look at is the flame of the light.

With every person, we have energy and with this energy it attracts good or bad. If the flame is out within you then, you are going to only attract people who are negative. If the flame is alive in you, then, you are going to attract the right partner and friends and career path and finances and everything you need to make you happy. You see, I call the flame of life your soul, your living energy that makes you who you are. Have you ever felt that everything looks dim and you cannot get out of that feeling? It means your flame is low, it is only flickering and you cannot see the light within you.

ann3 So, you need to keep it bright with your thoughts, love and compassion for oneself and others. You might tell me that this is easier said than done when you are waiting for things to happen in your life but, with every thought that you think will affect your energy. It is called thought, word and action, this can affect your health and everything in your life if you think negatively. You cannot blame anyone for your thoughts, they belong to you. Have you ever noticed that you have been in a relationship and your partner blames you and you get hurt by what he or she has said to you? Why? When thoughts belong to the person that is saying the hurtful things to you. Did you speak them? No?

So why is it affecting you? Because you do not like what you hear and then you react back and say what you are thinking, and the words come out and your partner takes your words on board and then big arguments occur. Then you are both left broken and the flame has been blown out by both your thoughts, How crazy is that? If you can learn that other people’s word belongs to them and not you, they did not come from your mouth so why give them energy? You can do this.

Believing in one’s self and wanting to change on how you react to certain situations will save you a lot of suffering and low self-esteem. Also, avoid separation from the one you love.

First, you need to realize if anyone is speaks negatively to you or blaming you. It is just their thoughts, you do not have to believe it you choose what you want to believe in free will.

Have you ever said that he or she will not change? Then, you need to ask yourself to have you changed? It is so easy to try to fix your friend’s problems or try to fix your partner’s problems than fix your own. Do you like watching the flame on the candle in a serene environment when you could be having a romantic dinner or having candles alight in the bathtub or in the bedroom? It feels peaceful.

The flame of life in your psychical body needs to be burning all the time. Your soul needs to maintain inner peace and feel the love inside you and embrace it. After all, it is your vessel on this earth to help you live your life and to get around.
In the olden days before electricity was invented, all they used was candles and other forms of flames. People would have been in total darkness and would not be able to see anything.

If you do not have the light shining in you then you are in darkness and you will feel there is nothing going right in your life. Your thought forms will consume you and you will be miserable and only attract miserable people, do you want this?

Then you want change and be happy, right? OK, ask yourself can you gain your power back? Can you bring the light back into you? To attract only good things in your life, the only way you can do this and obtain inner peace and keep the flame burning is having total faith in the universe and yourself. Can you do this if you are a skeptic? You do not see the air that you breathe and you know it is there. Only by the trees moving and the oxygen you breath that keeps you living that is all well and good, but what is life if the flame is not burning inside you and the determination to change anything you can and the willpower and perseverance to do so. Without inner peace and love, compassion, sensitivity. Who are you?

Be kind to everyone and love yourself and others the way the Angels love you. There is no way you can buy inner peace. It is free when you connect to the universal life force and the flame of life is burning within your soul. Last note, please do not allow anyone to put out your light, you are unique and you can change anything, you have free will.


Hugs and Love,


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