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We are Spiritual Beings, first and foremost. We are made of Spirit, Emotion, Mind, Soul and Body. When you are in your Spiritual (higher Integrity), your emotions do not overwhelm you. Your mental state is in balance, and the physical body heals itself because your functioning in harmony, you’re in alignment with the universe and Creator.

Walking in your higher divine spiritual (God Center) integrity is the key that opens all of the doors in your life. Faith is the ultimate Triumph, faith defies all obstacles, and laughs at impossibilities! That empowers your Receiving of Prosperity in your life. Alleviates poverty conscious thinking, that is a big problem in society today, but what you must understand is you are not in poverty if you are not feeding, what I call stinking thinking!

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You are what you think yourself to be! Remember Creator gave us universal laws. One of the laws is the law of success, far greater and effective then mans laws. When we speak I will tell you all about that law, and how you can work with this law in your life, and it works, and very quickly when backed up with Faith! Your Relationship will grow more deeply rooted in giving, caring, and compassion towards one another. Your life will improve, you will receive the right soul partner in your life! You must be in your Spiritual integrity in order to meet and become one with your soulmate. If your not in Spirit, you will not come accross your soulmate, or twin flame partner. That spirit mind set allows for your connection to one another to fuse together. If your not in the Spiritual balance, you will find confusion, and termoil, and the connection will not substain.

It has been scientifically proven, by simply saying the word “God”you instantly change the fequency of the energy level in your soul to a higher vibration. Creator is unconditional love, divine truth, omnipotent, omnipresent never changing supreme almighty divine creator of this universe, superior over all.You must listen to your Heart! It is vitally important to hold your relationship with God, as the most Important relation of all. When you develop this connection, and hold it most sacred in your heart, mind, emotions. You bring forth a power in you, that is greater then anything that can come against you! The higher your thoughts of Creator, the greater his power over your soul! You are walking in absolute Protection, and whatever you ask of the divine in that Faith zone, you will receive it. You must keep your Faith! That is what makes things happen…nothing is achieved without Faith, nothing is impossible with it! Stand in that truth. Know that you know, that you know!! Get your vision and intent clear, and don’t move from that perspective.

The bible says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” “Greater is he that is in me then he that is in the world.” Learning about yourself in your true spiritual faith zone, puts you in the center of the universe, and your world. You will find inner peace, and confidence that you have never experience before. Your world, and love in your life will manifest your dreams and desires, as never before. All it takes is getting yourself in Faith, when you believe all things are possible!

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In my life, I had some of the most extraordinary experiences, by far crossing over to the spirit world, was the most amazing, and compares to no other! Creator did not build us a stairway going no where! You are here for a very important purpose, with great meaning and reason! Make no mistake about it.

There is a saying never wear your heart on your sleeve. When you put walls up around your heart, you stop the love, the relationships and Blessings of Great Prosperity from coming into your life! Fear is a tool of evil, the devil, demons and it is clearly there to destroy and defeat you and take away your joy.

I am here to help you reclaim your life, your faith in the spirit of who you are, to bring forth the love, the life, and the blessings that are your birthright. You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the Stars. You have a right to be here!

My “SOUL” purpose in being here…Is to help you ! I know my purpose, I will assist you in finding yours purpose, your love and your Life!

God Bless Walk in Faith!

Dr Sunny Marie

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