Fear Of Making The Wrong Choice

By Pascale: The biggest reason people don’t go for what they want is that they’re afraid their dream might be unrealistic, and often because they don’t think that they deserve it: they’re afraid to make the wrong choice.  People frequently ask for a reading because they are looking for help in making important decisions.

When a person is afraid of making a decision, they are afraid of failure. After all, making the wrong decision can drastically change the course of a relationship, a career, our financial well-being, not least an entire life.  Clearly, adopting a cautious approach and avoiding impulsivity is usually a necessity.  At the same time, doubt and fear can stop a person from taking occasional, necessary risks: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  There will be mistakes and hurdles along the way, but should those stop a person from taking action towards a potential for fulfilment and rewards? Or to extract themselves from a dead-end situation?


One of the most difficult things to do in reading is to make people realise that they have choices, and that it would be best not to give away all or part of their power to a psychic.  Certainly, guidance, mentoring, coaching and some predictions, in any reading, is helpful and useful, but a reading should not influence a person’s ability to exercise their freewill, nor to make their own decisions. “I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of My Soul” by poet William Ernest Henley, is a powerful quote to remember when in doubt.  

Fate (as in external events happening to you) is said to represent a string of past, present or future external events that we have no control of.  And fate, in its extremes, can make or break us: all you can do is to choose how you react to it, accept it, and be decisive in taking charge again.  Readings can help pinpoint those important challenges, cross-roads and defining moments, good or bad; but they don’t always constitute an answer in themselves.  When it comes to choosing the right partner, the right career, improving finance or following a dream, positive guidance from a psychic is best sought, rather than looking for a definite outcome. This enables empowerment in following your truth, your intuition and supports you in your ability to make decisions.  

Most of the time, there is no such thing as a right or wrong choice, just like not everything is black and white, (this of course doesn’t include – for example – choosing the right answer for an exam, a competition, or a need for an immediate life and death decision).  When choosing a partner, a career, or following a dream, your trust, love and faith that all will be well should see you step forward with little or no doubt, regardless of outcome: it is the process of moving forward and experiencing living in the present that will make the experience worth living through.  

Think of what you mean when you say you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Think of what you mean by “wrong”. Mostly, you fear being uncomfortable.  Reality has it that you will stumble all along the way, and you can choose to pick yourself up, to learn from it, emphasize the good in that process and keep going, or choose another path.

Everything that you need is here now and in front of you. Get to the bottom of who you are, of understanding yourself to help you move forward and live in the present with little or no doubt, or fear.

Remember, you are already suffering from what you fear, so let go of the unnecessary baggage and re-assess, re-formulate and re-construct if need be.  You can always reach out and seek advice from one or more sources, but by all means, once again, don’t let anyone take over your power and make decisions for you.  

It is said that if you are undecided over something, then the answer is no.  Similarly, if you want to do something and you feel as excited over it as a ten year old, then you should probably do it.  

The longer the timeline over your indecision, the less likely you are to take that next step, and that is fine too, so long as you don’t linger in that very state of indecision while procrastination takes over: this could not only weigh heavily on your mental and emotional wellbeing, but it could lead to poor decision making.  

Hesitating is normal, though: there is wisdom in not deciding something for a while, to let a decision brew, to consider it, and not act overly impulsive. You can give yourself a timeline by which you will have prepared and formulated plans, explored your ideas, and weighed the pros and cons. You could even include observing signs from the universe, (but not necessarily), that the decision you are about to make is right for you.  

Alternatively, look at regrets and ask yourself: do you think you will feel regretful for making a decision or for not making it, which feels stronger?  Write potential regrets down too, as this process helps you detach emotionally from the confusion in your heart and let your thinking take over.

Merry Christmas and wishing you all Happy New Year resolutions and decision making in 2023.


Love and Light,



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