Ethics of Good vs Evil

This Article is based on a real life ethical situation.

Luanne had been working with her brother for almost three years, she comes from a family back ground that much abuse has been determined. He father was physically abusive to both her and the brother for many years. Her father passed on a year and a half ago. He never thought he did anything wrong, and arrogance and pride ruled his heart. Luanne’s brother was at the receiving end of most of the physical abuse, however Luanne struggled with verbal abuse, and much degradation and physiological abuse.

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During the three years Lou had been working with her brother, he has been very abusive to Lou, not so much at first but the longer she worked with him, he became more abusive as time had passed. This behavior was beginning to wear on Luanne, she started to become very depressed and struggled with what she should do. Many times she tried to communicate her feelings, and when she did the verbal abuse increased. He would insult her in front of coworkers, and had very high expectations of her. Other coworkers were not treated this way, he would get upset with the coworkers but would only take it out on Lou. After many repeat arguments, Lou did not know what to do anymore. She was very dependent on the money, and worked many long hours sometimes from 5am, until ten pm at night. Having to walk long distances back to the farm after plowing the fields. Often there were wild animals and bobcats and pray that would create great fear, and no way of protecting herself. Luanne’s brother started a new ranch in Kansas, Lou worked in Nebraska. Now he wanted her to go and stay in Kansas, and pack up and move leave her family, and friends, just like that. He did not ask her if she would go he just demanded that she go.

If she did not go there in two days then he had no use for her, and she would not have a job. Luanne was living at his house, and took care of all the household responsibilities. The psychological abuse she took, was more then she could bare, finally she told him she did not want to go to Kansas. He acted like he did not hear her, and continued to behave as though she was going anyway. The day when she was to leave come up, and nothing took place, almost a week went by and nothing was said about Kansas. Then finally one day Luanne was coming back from the fields, he told her he wanted her to pack her stuff she was going to Kansas with him. Luanne finally took a stand, she told him she was not going to Kansas, she agreed to work at this ranch and she did not want to go. He told her she was fired. This was just before the holiday time, and Luanne has three children. She has been struggling with work and making the money she needs to get by, and has been living back and forth from her mother’s place, to staying with a friend, and taking odd jobs, just to make it by. She said I do not care that I have to struggle, at least I do not have to be abused any longer from my own brother. We continue to work on the self-worth issues, and she is getting stronger, and more confident as time goes by.

The Augustinian Theodicy Augustine holds to the conviction that the Universe is good, it is the creation of a good God for a good purpose. According to Augustine higher and lower, greater or lesser goods in immense abundance and variety, however everything that has been good in its own way and degree, except in so far as it had become spoiled or corrupted. Evil – weather it be an evil will, and instance of pain, or some sort of disorder or decay in nature- has therefore not been set there by God but represents the going wrong of something that is inherently good.

Augustine refers to the eye, and the state of being blind. Blindness is not a thing. “The only thing involved is the eye” which in itself is good. The evil of blindness consists of the lack of proper functioning of the eye. Augustine holds that the evil always consists of the malfunctioning of something that is in itself good. (Abel pg. 77) In Lou’s case her brother was at one point of good. Due to the abuse of the actions of the father, he beat the good out of him. He was in fact good, as a young boy, and at birth, Augustine believes that evil does not come from God, it come from the levels of the Universe that involve free will of humans. A rebellion against the creator. The Augustinian Theodicy adds that at the end of history there will come a judgment some will end in eternal life others into eternal torment (Abel pg. 78).

In Luanne’s brother he has lost his ability to see, himself as a reflection of his divine self. So he then functions from the level of evil. The energy of the abusiveness from his father he has taken into his own personality. Yet, Luanne has also injected much psychological abuse from the father also. So she has to deeply embrace the love and healing peace that comes from the divine in her. I do not believe in Judgment as Augustine Theodicy reflects. I also think that there is a separate evil that has evolved in its own energy that is separate from God. I do not think that a God that is made of Unconditional love ,light, beauty, and the creator of our universe has created the evil that is completely corrupt, and creator of hate, illness, deceit, destruction ,and destroyer of life could come from my God. Having the Experience of my journey to spirit. I found nothing there that had any association, attachment, or condition that reflected anything of that sort of vibration. If the creator could create itself out of nothing, why then could not the Devil Create itself, out of nothing? The Creator is not a human being or human form. It is pure essence of energy, substance that has no physical form, like your thoughts, you cannot see but they are as real as the air, or fire, or even stone.

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Your thoughts travel 360,000.00 times faster than the sound of your voice. Thoughts are energy, everything is made up of energy, even Creator. Science and man try to measure the Creator in human aspect. Creator is not of human essence or resonance. Evil and good do not resonate in the same vibrational frequency, they are their own entities, completely separate of each other in every way. They do not relate at all. So if man was to view the separateness of these two forces, and clearly to decide to live with only the good source of force. We could create from that totality and would weave together fibers that intercepted the evil. Can you imagine what that could do?

The other normative theory is Process Theodoric which holds that God cannot be unlimited in power but interacts with a Universe that God has not created but is nevertheless is able to influence. God is the creator and sustainer of the entire Universe (Out of nothing) and Gods ultimate power over the creation is accordingly unlimited. However, in order to allow for this existence and growth of free human beings, God withholds the exercise of unlimited divine power, there by forming an autonomous creaturely realm within which God acts no coercively, seeking the creature’s free responses. The ultimate reality is creativity continually produces new unities of experience out of the manifold of the previous moment. Infinite actualities do not exercise power because God has delegated it to them, but because to be a part of the Universe is to exercise creativity and hence power. Indeed because to be actual is to be creative, and there by exercising some degree of power, it is impossible for even God to hold a monopoly of power (Abel pg83). Thus Gods power over each occasion, and in directing the stream of occasions as a whole, is necessarily limited, and the reality of evil in the world is the measure of the extent to which God’s will is in fact thwarted.

God continually offers the best possibility to each occasion as it creates itself , but the successive occasions are free not to conform to the divine plan( Abel pg83).I believe god holds the Ultimate power over all. Yet, wills man to have free will to provide for the opportunity for man to grow and envelope into a greater Spiritual understandings and truth. Luanne’s brother was given that free will, and was even provided that awareness of that truth from Luanne, however he had made a choice to go to a lower level of ill and evil. I think the Universe in terms of the God and the devil is split equally. God was the originator of the universe and the laws, but there is another force it is called evil. This evil can try and win or steal souls. Because the will is ultimately within the hands of the human being they choose which side they will walk on. If you desire to live a life of peace, harmony, love and light that is in association to God, Creator, Great Spirit, you will expand your enlightenment, and move closer to your divine purpose. If you treat others with ill intention, manipulate, deceive, lie, hate, hurt others and yourself you will become an associate of the evil one or ones, and you will suffer with feelings of all you are dwelling in with that evil. You then will not spiritually evolve you will regress. There are tools that are available equally from both forces. We ultimately all decide. With the use of the tools from either source there is cause and effect (Universal Law) -coming from the creator which again proves the hand of which the power is from.

The Augustinian Theodicy is clear in giving the power over to God, and keeping it there. The credit holds strong to the reality and conviction of Gods hand in everything. But then the fallen angel aspect will cause contradictions. How can a divine God of pure love and light be involved in the faulty presents of evil? It does not add up. There has to be another truth. Having my death experience I have to clearly say. There is not connection at all with Creator, and the devil. What I experienced was love, beyond peace, completeness, wholeness, oneness. Nothing of opposition existed- Nothing!
Now, looking at the Process theodicy in comparison you could say that Luann’s brother was in alignment of the process Theory and god could have been with holding the exercise of unlimited divine power. I believe that people like Luann’s brother are very prevalent in society, and they do not have the personal awareness of the divine, and do not have a connection to the Heart, and there is where the ability to know comes from. Right choices can only be made by looking form within the Heart, not the mind. For the Evil one controls the mind, or try’s too. Often does so very well, as can be determined by the situation that happened with Luann’s story.

In light of taking a position is best, and a clear argument- there is not one that I consider to be clear, I certainly do not agree with Irenaeus Theodicy, the two stages of creation, I absolutely do not agree we came from any other animal but man, the Darwin theory does not sit with my level of Integrity, or development into the second stage of which they are now, with a gradual transformation from animal to “children of God”. That is a contradiction because if you see how man acts today on the planet, they behave sometimes less than the animals in ethics, intelligence and compassion, and human understanding, this is increasingly lacking in our society.

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My positioning statement in reference to which normative theory I think is best. I will say is the Augustinian Theodicy. Augustine holds strong to the belief that evil always consists of malfunctioning of something that is in itself good. Believing it is coming from God. That ultimately everything is good and comes from God, but free will can come into play and that free will of angels and human beings they turned against good and embraced a lesser good. I do not think Creator could create a world that has any form of evil what so ever. I do not believe the creator made any mistakes in creation. That yes it is quite true that evil could have very well manifested itself out of nothing. If we can think a thought and manifest out of that thought something that never was there before, why then could not evil do the same, these two forces are powerful. Even though they are completely separate from one another, and have nothing in common with each other. I think it is presumptuous of any to perceive god as being responsible for anything other than Creation of a world that is beyond beauty, the power and majesty of this earth and the inhabitants in it. God is not responsible for the evil that is the choice of the individual only. We all know of a choice even people that have never been raised to not believe in God or have suffered great pain, have a concept of good and evil.MY “SOUL” purpose is to help “YOU! Your light will shine Bright, on you and everyone who’s life you touch,Lets Talk, God bless.

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