Energy Update: September – December 2019

By Angelica: As I write this article, the theme that is being channeled for the remainder of 2019, is “Surrender”.

2019 has been a year of dramatic and fast-paced change; time seems to have flown by at warp speed. Many of my clients have experienced significant job, personal or relationship transformations which in many ways has been fueled by multiple full moons and eclipses in the first six months of the year, each with an astrological theme of releasing old baggage. We continue to have several outer planets in retrograde motion. This is very supportive of the overall theme of revising past events to both see the lessons in them and to observe whether beliefs surrounding those experiences fit in with your future self and soul journey.


So, what does it mean to ‘surrender’ energetically?

Is it to give up, let go, be in flow, stop doing and just be?

It’s a good question.

If you are an empath/lightworker or highly intuitive who has been called on to raise the vibration of this planet and help it ascend to a higher state of consciousness, you may already know what it means to ‘surrender’.

For the remainder of 2019, and with those planets in retrograde, I sense many of us, highly sensitive or not, are going to be called upon to look at the past. The next few months are supportive of us being shown where we need to ‘surrender’. You may look at where you are holding on to outdated family or social conditioning regarding relationships that no longer serve you. Perhaps your job is controlling and/or toxic. Your views on the energy of money may have changed e.g. leaving a corporate job to set up your own heart-centered business fills you with more passion. 

If you have felt things have not been working the way they used to with the methods you have been using, it is because there is a higher frequency of light being directed at Earth that needs to be integrated. We are not who we once were; the new energy is calling upon us to change our modus operandi. The foundations that we have built previously, representing how we have been conditioned by our ancestors, are falling away. For an example of this, we only have to look at the continual instability within global governments (e.g. UK) and the politics that represent us to see what we need to shift.

If you have undergone a period of major change over the last 6 months, especially post the January and July eclipses, then that’s because your soul knows you have needed to change as it is no longer aligned with your inner desires and purpose.

To do the work of ‘surrender’ towards transformation takes both a lot of courage and a leap of faith. It requires authenticity and acute self-awareness. The road has not been easy for many this year; an unexpected roller-coaster of changes for some and a conscious change for others.

With October nearly upon us, for those who have made the changes needed to meet their soul’s desires are going to enter a period which may feel like free-floating in space! This is the void where you can co-create and manifest your desires. It is a transitory space, don’t panic; this time is needed to re-calibrate and realign your energy.

As an energy intuitive and psychic reader, I have had the pleasure of guiding many clients on this journey in 2019. I look forward to speaking with you on LifeReader soon.


Blessings, Love and Light,


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