Energetic Mastery

We often wonder why our relationships don’t work or we haven’t found the love we want, why we are burnt out or going round and round in circles. There is a simple answer – Energetic Mastery.
Energetic Mastery involves being honest and aware of your own energy. Noticing your energy levels, when you are carrying another’s stuff, whether you are enmeshed energetically and where you end and another begins. It’s about knowing how to clear yourself – yes. But it’s also about how to FILL yourself with higher vibrations too. This is part of the re-parenting process. This is how we recover from the abandonment we experienced in the past. We learn how not to re-abandon ourselves.

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During my 25 years of experience with trauma and addiction recovery, I have created magical shortcuts that empower people to live the life they want. They are able to recognise the energetic dynamics at play in their relationships and are no longer attracted to those who abandon them. They are able to accept the relationships they REALLY want. In teaching Lightworkers for over 10 years I have created processes to quick step them past their blocks and onto their purpose. It is such a joy for me to see wickedly fast transformations. My job perk!
As a beginning to this Energetic Mastery, I work with high vibrations. These high vibrations are very distinguishable. As we train ourselves to call them in, we get used to how they feel.  We begin to feel that they are normal. We literally create our ‘new normal’. For example, when we give ourselves 5 mins of deep breathing into our belly, calling on the vibration of love, faith, joy or peace, we FEEL the difference immediately. It satiates cravings too. It’s even better when we breathe out fear, toxic energy, carried emotions and lower frequencies while we are doing this exercise.

This process of emptying and filling is under-acknowledged but one of the most simple and powerful tools in my toolkit. It works every time. You will feel calmer, more peaceful, full, joyful and connected to Spirit more

To amplify this process make sure you call in all your spiritual helpers. You don’t need to know who or what they look like. Willingness is the key here. Just call them in and imagine them sending this gorgeous Lightfilled energy to you. And then spend 5 mins soaking it up. It will transform you. Then you will see clearly, you will hear what is really being said by another, you will feel your Higher Self kick in and your integrity alight. This is the position from which all empowered decisions are made.
Energetic mastery. It begins with calling on high vibrations to support your greater awareness and connection to the Divine. It ends with knowing who you are. Never to be underestimated again.

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