Do I Have Psychic Abilities?

By Ernst: How do I know that I have psychic abilities…that I am a spiritual person? Can I develop psychic abilities? I hear these and other questions a lot. Let me start by saying that everyone has psychic abilities, we have received them from our soul.

You can develop these abilities, but you have to be ready. It must be part of your life. Sometimes it happens overnight and frequently after a life changing event. There are people who would like to develop those abilities and thus are consciously ready. However it’s not always easy. This new information that is being received can be difficult to process, which can over stimulate your senses. You can also start doubting what you’re receiving. This really won’t get you any further. You can’t learn the paranormal. Trust yourself and surrender to the universe. In addition, it is also true that there is a key difference between spirituality, paranormal abilities and mediumship.


Psychic gifts allow you to understand the extrasensory perception. The case is, that many more paranormal gifts are distinguished outside of the extrasensory perception. Thus you could see this as bringing about something that is scientifically inexplicable or non-existent. Such as: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsmelling, clairsentience, clairtasting or claircognizance.

Mediumship distinguishes itself because you also have the opportunity to communicate with the deceased. You can see them. Sometimes you own a combination of both.

Being spiritual has to do with your personal (spiritual) growth. The degree to which you are aware of what is meaningful in life, how you present this and put this to use in the world. Your spiritual growth is partly determined by being able to experience peace within yourself. Spiritual growth allows you to be yourself and this helps you to be compassionate to other people. Love and gratitude play a major role in your life. This authentic self can be seen as your soul or your higher self, which is a source of wisdom.

There are some signs to let you know that you are ready to develop your psychic abilities. Here are some examples:

• You have vivid and lucid dreams.
• You are more tired than usual.
• You feel alone and disconnected.
• You suddenly see double numbers. 
• You aren’t able to handle loud noises. 
• You feel different and restless.
• You want to go out more.
• Your gut feeling is stronger than before.
• You sometimes feel a warm or cold air flow, which also disappears in no time.
• You feel a tingling sensation.

Worth knowing

If your name ends in an “A” then you are often sensitive to the paranormal and spiritual. There are some tidbits. An example of this is: if you look at your palms there are lines in your hands and if you look closely you might see triangles in your hands. That means you have healing hands. You receive cosmic energy that flows through your crown or neck and radiates to your arms and hands. That energy flows out through that triangle. By means of that energy you could help or heal other people. If there are also small triangles in your hands, it means you have a talent for writing.

Some people have this inner knowing. Often such a person is labeled a stubborn person. If you recognize a strong empathic feeling within yourself, that means if someone suffers from a headache or is not feeling well, you will be able to pick this up within your own body. You should not immediately start thinking… “oh I feel miserable“, because this could very well be someone else’s energy you’re picking up! You need to protect yourself, this is important.

You can take an intuitive development course and explore the paranormal and spiritual world. Pick up and take with you what suits you best. Not everything matches with you and you don’t have to be able to master everything. Maybe you enjoy reading tarot or do numerology. Do your research and you’ll find what suits you best. What is important for people who discover they have certain gifts is that they get support from spiritual associates so that you can receive some guidance with all of this.


Love and Light,


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