Discovering Empowerment

By Edwina: The meaning of empowerment is perhaps hard to define and more of a feeling we get to experience in life. If you’re saying to yourself; I want to feel empowered! Then perhaps what you should be asking is; what’s taking this feeling away? As children, our parents may give us empowerment, but their overriding authority will always make it play second string. It is only in adulthood, the full feeling of the word can be processed and experienced.

Perhaps it only exists in fleeting moments for some us, which can never go the full fruition of our lives. Yet what is it which renders us to feel unempowered? Love, money, health? Both in our hearts and minds, and externally in the outside world we are challenged and subjected to making choices which inevitably can change the tides of empowerment.


Globally, a great deal has been documented on positive approaches to empowerment. An estimated two billion people currently live in countries where empowerment does not exist! From this perspective you might be tempted to feel your personal empowerment pales into insignificance when compared to the global stage. But do not let it, for your personal circumstances are at the forefront of your life and can sometimes feel out of our control. We can only strive for empowerment, but there are things we can do to help build our own.

Discovering where our limitations are, we find the door to empowerment.
Imagine this door for a moment…
Is it open or closed?
Does it lead inside or outside?

If your door is open, then your path is clear and nothing is stopping you. A sense of empowerment may already surround you. If your door leads you inside, then it could be your lack of empowerment is deeply rooted in a feeling of lacking a sense of security. This could be in love, money, health or a combination. A door leading outside means there is something you feel you need to escape from before you can embrace empowerment. Regardless of what your door looks like or where it leads, to walk through it isn’t without a sense of irony. For if we are to walk through the door, surely we need a sense of empowerment to do so in the first place. The concept is circular like the chicken and the egg! Therefore empowerment is something you must build toward. Following 5 steps can help give you the strength to embrace challenges you may feel are holding you back. They are as follows…

5 Steps to Empowerment:

1) Have conviction; learn to say “no” if something doesn’t feel right. Always maintain your personal high standards with everyone.
2) Welcome those who compliment and love. Say goodbye to those who are rude and hate.
3) Be body proud. It is a gift and a tool to celebrate with the world. Exercise will always reward you in the long term.
4) Give guidance to those who face challenges you have already faced. By empowering others we empower ourselves.
5) Try something new outside your comfort zone. Growth only happens when we push forward.

If you want to feel an increased level of success in your life, even if it is on a small scale, choose just one step to begin with. It is a building block which will lead to greater things. Creating new responsibility in our lives will naturally give you purpose and meaning. By doing so, the feeling of empowerment will pour into your life. In my own life, there have been times when empowerment has not been present and so much so, that I did not know it was what I was missing! If you would like to talk to with me, get in contact. I offer psychic readings and Reiki healing, both of which have helped me find my empowerment.


Love and Light,


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