Communicating With Your Angels

By Sheri: Communicating with your angels is an easy and simple process; so easy that often our mind discounts it.  Yet we can train our mind to be still and listen to the whispers of our heart, feel the loving presence of our angels and receive their eternally loving guidance.

As we open to the possibility, synchronicity occurs and events will start to take place, our life takes on greater meaning and a sense of purpose.

sheri03 It is possible for everyone to form a personal relationship with the Archangels and angels.  Each one of you has this ability and no special gift is required.  All that is needed is your willingness to invite their energy into your life, to ask for help and become aware of the subtle ways in which they communicate with you.

You already receive tangible yet subtle signs of your angel’s presence; an eagle or hawk soaring across your path, a soft breeze caressing your face, a humming sound resonating in your ears, a flowery scent drifting around you, falling feathers, and butterflies resting on your shoulders.   Often you discount these signs as products of our imagination, yet these signs come when you need them the most.

You may choose to deepen your relationship to a specific angel by responding in writing.  Write down the message you have been given and ask a further question or for assistance on what you felt was an initial contact.  Sit quietly with a pen and paper and do automatic writing.  This is where you just start writing anything that comes through your mind without censoring it, judging or stopping the pen.  Don’t think about what you’re writing.  Let go of the logical mind and give free reign to your creative, intuitive mind.  At first you may doubt the validity of this process and you may just have gibberish, however, if you persist, you will discover you always had the ability to communicate directly with the angels.

Believe in the angels, trust you will get an answer, surrender to the process of writing and you WILL get your ultimate breakthrough.  It is that simple.  Sometimes this takes time and many silent moments, but it does work. Once you have achieved this, it will work for you when you need to connect every time you call on them.

Your angels and guide are here to give you guidance when you ask, to give you that ‘gut’ feeling of right or wrong and to help you to move forward for your highest good. They are not allowed to intervene in your life unless given permission by you or if you are in a life threatening situation and it is simply not your time to go back to spirit.  They laugh with you, they sing with you, they cry with you and they feel all the emotions as you do.

Angels are messengers of God whose purpose is to help humanity remember their true spirit and purpose.  They are a bridge between matter and spirit, here to help you become aware of an invisible world, a subtle world that exists not through your physical eyes and your five senses, but through your inner sight, your feelings and imagination.  When you become aware of this world, you feel safe and loved.

Talk to your angels as if they are a friend that will never reveal your deepest secrets. Always know that you can trust them unconditionally and they will love you unconditionally, without judgment and will never turn their back on you.

Ask Archangel Michael to put his cloak of protection around you as you go out into your day.  Ask him to bring out his mighty golden sword and cut the cord to exes or negative people or situations that no longer serve you however, have a hold on you for some reason.  Ask your personal angel to give you guidance or help you to decide on a paint color.  Nothing is too simple or too difficult for them.  Allow them to be an active part of your daily life and watch how it changes for the better.

When your car won’t start or you get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, do not get impatient. They may just be slowing you down to avoid a drunk driver or accident further up the road.   When you miss a phone call and dial back and can’t get a hold of the person that called, do not get frustrated. That person was most likely going to trash talk someone you know and bring your emotions down.  Everything in life that happens truly does happen for a reason. Many times the inconveniences in life are simply ways that they prevent you from getting hurt in a different way.  So be grateful for those glitches in life – one of them could have just saved your life.

Through communication with your angels, whether through writing or merely the awareness of the angelic realm, you heal your sense of separation from spirit and realize that you are never alone, you truly are never alone.  You are connected at all times.   This will never change so trust, believe and allow them to be a part of your daily life.

Blessings to you always,

Sheri Baldwin

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