Colors And Their Meaning In Our Lives

By Ernst: In nature, colors always have a meaning. Plants that sometimes have to lure insects with  beautiful bright colors in order to survive, is a good example of this. Colors have been used as therapy for thousands of years before Christ. Colors have already been used for therapeutic purposes in India and Egypt. Colored light is healing.

It is said that blue is the most beloved color on earth. Many people will relate. This is because our sky and ocean are also blue. Blue is seen as the color of trust, tranquility and peace as well. Blue light is also used, for example, in premature babies who develop jaundice after birth. They are placed under a blue lamp in the incubator and after a few days the baby has a beautiful pink color again.


There are people who think that colors are not related to our feelings, opinions or behavior. However, I think there is certainly a connection. Colors affect your emotions and mood. Just think for a second; if you are going to buy clothes, the color of the clothing should appeal to you, otherwise you will not buy it.

You can also decorate your home with a color that you like. Just think of a colorful display of fruit and vegetables. It invites you to buy and it also makes you hungry.  Thus the color clearly influences people’s choices. Many people therefore have a single or multiple number of favorite colors, without having a reason for it. It appeals to you or it doesn’t.

Feelings, thoughts, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing and the immune system are all affected by colors. Dark colors shrink, so it is often recommended to wear darker clothing if you want clothing to dress you down. Light colors magnify everything and often accentuate something if you want something to stand out. The art is to combine colors in such a way that you can create pleasant harmonies.

Red, green and blue are experienced by us as the most powerful colors, followed by colors such as orange and purple. Colors are also often associated with smells and food. Just think of beautiful red strawberries that smell nice and sweet or a beautiful rose with a beautiful color that smells wonderful. Green can be experienced with unripe products, such as bananas.

Each color also has a meaning. Below I will mention a number of colors and meanings.

• White and Black: Actually, these are not colors. The meaning of white is actually light and black represents the lack or absence of light. White is seen as the color of innocence, purity and peace. It also symbolizes new beginnings. The color black is the color of the night and darkness. It is associated with death and also with power.

• Yellow: This is a color that stands out and often makes you happy. It is also said that this color stimulates the nervous system. People often think of the sun, spring and summer happiness or new beginnings. However, this color also has negative sides, such as jealousy and unreliability.

• Green: This is the color of nature and relaxes the nervous system and suppresses appetite. Green is also associated with healing and health.

• Brown: Symbolizes the earth, nature, mother earth and protection. It also stands for domesticity and humility.

• Orange: This color represents energy and joie de vivre ( French for ‘joy of life’), youthfulness and frivolity. For The Netherlands, it is the National color just like for the Ukraine.

Colors are the children of light, color is and brings life.


Love and Light,


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