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By Gail: When love comes to you it cannot be denied. It cannot be postponed or delayed or sidelined. When love comes to you it is consuming and all-encompassing. You know it when it comes – you have been waiting. Love is not a quantity to be measured, it is a quality. It is not about how much they love you, it is about the depth and quality of the love that they are offering; and what you can accept. It doesn’t matter how much someone loves you if you cannot accept their love. Are you open and willing and ready to be truly loved? Are you choosing love and abundance?


The biggest obstacle we face in finding love is our own thoughts. It makes no difference how much you crave being loved and accepted for who you are, if you are harboring thoughts of doubt and unworthiness then that will become your experience. True love requires us to be true to ourselves and acknowledge our own magnificence. True love requires us to choose love.

Many of us are brought up to trust the mind, not the heart. We have been conditioned to the point that we don’t know the difference between the two. The mind will deceive you; it has its own agenda. It is trying to keep us safe, but in doing so it keeps us from experiencing the true joy and heartbreak that life can bring. Yes, life can be heartbreaking, it can also be breathtaking  – you need to accept the possibility of both.  Will you let life break you down or break you open? 

You can have a breakdown or a breakthrough – the difference is in your response to the situation. You can react to a situation in the same way you always have – or you can respond to a situation with a new and fresh approach. Think about the word “react” – re-acting. Playing the same part over and over again. Playing the same part will bring you the same results. Or you can respond – a chance to behave in a different manner appropriate to the experience at hand; without baggage or history or preconceived ideas.   

You can choose who you want to be and how you want to live and love. You can choose conscious awareness in all of your encounters. Being aware in the present moment and making conscious choices is the path to obtaining our desires. Choosing conscious awareness allows us to break the patterns that have shaped our lives up to now. Choosing conscious awareness allows us to decide our response to every situation in a new, exciting, and unbiased way. By embracing conscious awareness, we are able to choose love in every situation. What are you choosing and is it what you want and who you want to be? If not, then you can choose to change it. 

If you have spent most of your life reacting unconsciously, then you will need to de-program your brain and reprogram it with new neural pathways. Reprogramming your brain is not complicated, but it requires conscious effort and repetition. Repetition is the key. You have wired your brain in certain ways through a lifetime of repetition. That is what has brought you here, repeating the same patterns and programs over and over again. There is another way. 

It may seem contradictory to say that you can reprogram your brain to choose consciousness. Surely this is just another pattern. In fact, what you are doing is breaking the program. Every time you think or do the same things, then the same neural pathways are followed in your brain – resulting in the same outcomes. One single thought or event can trigger the synapses in your brain to follow the same path. When you are conscious of these triggers then you can choose to follow them or not. Every time you choose not to let the same thoughts lead you down the same path, then you break that pre-existing pathway. There are around 100 trillion neural pathways in your brain. That is a lot of options. Often we just follow the same set paths without consciously thinking about them. It sounds weird, but we are making a choice at that moment. What we are choosing is unconsciousness. By not making a choice to behave consciously we are choosing unconsciousness. 

Wake up. Become aware that every single moment is new and unique, and a chance to choose our experience. If your life and your love and your experiences keep following the same patterns and they are not what you want, then it is time to awaken to new possibilities. New ways of thinking, new ways of behaving, new ways of experiencing the beauty of existence. Love always presents itself in new ways. It is fresh and spontaneous and unconditional. Any limitations you are experiencing are a result of your programming: they are subjective, not objective. Unconditional love has no limits. It is boundless and eternal and ever-present. The question is are you present in the moment? When you are mindful you can choose. If you are not present in the moment, then you are reacting, you are not choosing love. Define who you are and what you want by the choices you make. You always have a choice. 

Life and love are all about the choices we make. In every single moment, we have the chance to be someone different. To think differently, to respond differently, to behave differently. 

You can choose love or you can choose loneliness. You can choose acceptance and abundance or you can choose exclusion and isolation. It is entirely up to you. 

Lose the nonsense in your head and choose a life of love instead. 


Love and Light,


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