Chakra Healing

The Major Chakras system is based on the rainbow. Sometimes for different reasons of another, open of these Chakra may be too open and another shut down.

There are different ways in which one can address the problems.

You can do it with Colour Meditation that is a CD from Quiet Earth Publishing. It also comes in tape form. This program is a fascinating exploration of colour with a guided meditation taking you into the healing properties of colour, its relationship with music and the 7 Chakras of the human body.

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Another method to consider for those who do not have time on their hands is through Himalayan Flower Enhances. You can obtain these ordering direct from the manufacturer or order from one of their distributors in Australia and through the world. The listing for their distributors is on their Web Page – This is a system of taste and smell.

Usually essences are taken orally – first shaking the bottle then placing a few drops under the tongue. Take a few moments to turn inward and feel the effects within. They can also be rubbed directly on the skin, added to skin creams and massage oils, added to baths and to water in mister sprays (4-5 drops from the stock bottle is enough). The spray method is excellent for clearing and refreshing rooms around the house. (Flower essences can be taken in conjunction with orthodox medicine, or after a course of medicine, to help relieve adverse effects and rebalance the body’s energy system.)

The next question is how do you know if one needs re-balancing or not? The following may provide a clue for you.

ROOT CHAKRA (MAJOR) Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Down to Earth” It enhances sexual and life energy. Assists with low libido, wounds around sexuality, anxiety around material existence (not enough), ungroundedness, subtle or hidden fears, stress, sluggishness and lack of drive. Suffer any of the above long term – this is the flower essence for you.

SACRAL CENTRE (MAJOR) Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Well-Being” It enhances the connection with one’s personal power, stimulates creativity and integrates emotions. Allows one to simply “BE”. Helps diffuse interalized anger, birth traumas and fear of death.

Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Strength” It enhances individuality, sincerity, honesty with others and one’s self, self-worth, creative expression and self-love. Also helps with low self esteem, insecurity, lack of personal power, lack of direction and motivation in ones life.

HEART CHAKRA (MAJOR) Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Ecstasy” Enhances love, compassion, sincerity, truthfulness, depth of feelings, feelings of expansion and universal love, service, sharing, empathy and transpersonal love. Assists in cases of rigidity, bitterness, jealousy, feeling unloved, overly critical of others, disillusioned, lack of trust, withholding and irritability.

The company who make and puts these essences out of the world suggests and all essence should be used in conjunction with “Ecstasy” as this balances any extremes of energy and maintains a connection with the heart.

HEART CHARKA The Heart Charka is also the balance between the lower and upper Chakras within own bodies. It is the mid-point so to speak.

THROAT CHAKRA (MAJOR) Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Authenticity” This essence enhances expression, communication, creativity appreciation, dreaming, and imagination. Also assists in cases of shyness, fear of speaking one’s truth, apprehension, lack of conviction and unwillingness for change.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA (MAJOR) Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Clarity” Enhances clarity, perception, intuition, sense of spirituality, meditation, and clairvoyance. Also assist with poor concentration, direction and balances excess sexual energy. Dispels feelings of isolation, alienation and meaninglessness in life.

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CROWN CHAKRA (MAJOR) Himalayan Flower Essence for this Chakra is called “Flight” Enhances oneness, meditation, prayer, union of mind, body and spirit. Also helps with feelings of separateness, isolation, lack of meaning, feelings of insignificance of our lives.
Now smell and taste is not the only way to go when looking at different ways to balance Chakra Imbalance.
There is a more physical sight and hands on approach presented by Anodea Judith in her CHAKRA BALANCING KIT. It contains 2 audio CDs and 7 Chakra Cards and a Workbook. Yes folks – a Workbook – one in which you are expected to get down onto the floor and experience Yoga Exercises for each Chakra.

Now getting down onto the floor is not for everybody – some of us may not physically be able to do so for some medical reasons.

There is also Chakra Balance uses Crystals. In her book Liz Simpson called BOOK OF CRYSTAL HEALING will teach you how crystals can harmonize your chakras along with other uses that Crystals have.

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