But The Other Psychics Said…

By Sheri: “But The Other Psychics Said”… This statement comes so often to me from clients that are calling psychic after psychic looking for an answer. I had a client say that they spoke to over 50 psychics and asked the same question and they kept telling them someone was coming back. I had been the only one that said ‘no, this person is not coming back, it is time to move on’.

1sheri2 When this initially happened, they told me I was wrong because ‘all the other psychics said’ and this person had been angry, gave me basically a horrible review and a 1 or 2 on the rating which brought my stats down. Was I upset – yes of course I was. Was I going to change my answer – NO.

When someone starts a call with ‘all the others said’ I know that if I don’t agree with them that I am setting myself up for a boatload of grief, however, I have learned over the years that no matter what, I must stay true to my guides and angels. If I start simply agreeing with others and know that many will say what you want to hear simply to get you to come back time and time again, I will not be true to my gift that was granted to me through my years of shamanism and angel work.

I do not sugar coat things. I tell you exactly what I get and I try to make it so it’s not hurtful when I present it. You deserve that respect. The answers I get are subjective to the angels, the cards, my pendulum or whatever other source that things are presented.

Just this week, I had a gentleman call me back and apologize to me. He was one of the ones I spoke of above that had hung up and given me a not so kind rating. He called to say I was the only one that said someone was not coming back into his life, and that the other person had moved on with someone new. Take note that this happened almost a year ago. He told me the other person is now engaged and pregnant and so it was finally time for him to move forward. When I had spoken to him a year ago, I tried to encourage him to walk away and move on, but he was very caught up in ‘all the other psychics said’ part of the conversation.

If you call me, I cannot tell you why someone else gave you a different answer (if they did). I do not attach to other psychics and their readings. I am only true to my own style. The other aspect of this, and yes, of course, there is one, is that I ask questions for a reason. I am more-so an angel and spirit guide reader and as you speak information I am handwriting on a piece of paper with the information you say or a message related to what you say. I do automatic writing. This is how they give their messages at times or how I process them. It is my style.

There is one last part to this. When you are asking the same question over and over and over again, Universe at times thinks that you don’t believe the answer you received and the answer will change according to your energy and repetitive queries of the same thing. It is as if you are telling the Universe, I don’t trust you or I don’t believe in you. I have seen this happen time and time again, and also have seen people block themselves from receiving something amazing that they were looking for. This is just a ‘be careful’ warning. Call different psychics, but change your questions up a bit. Don’t build walls that block the blessings that Source has in store for you. You are important to every one of us and I know that even if you don’t agree with the answers you receive, I will still not sugar coat the answer and I will be true to who I am and the gifts I was given. Just as you are who you are, I am who I am and no matter what, I send blessings to each and every one of you.


Blessings to you always,


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