Are You A Psychic Couple?

By Carmel: Have you ever finished a sentence for your significant other or partner and known exactly what he or she was going to say? Do you often contact each other when one or the other is thinking about you? Have you ever had similar dreams to each other or has one of you had an experience in life that mirrors the others in quite amazing ways? Do you sometimes share telepathic experiences? If such events have happened to you both you maybe what we term a “psychic couple”.

Psychic couples are those people who share a similar mental and a spiritual wavelength with each other. Some people refer to such couples as twin flames or soulmates. Amongst my young adult clients, I find many are already attuned to the concept of sharing on a metaphysical plane and many are actively looking for a spiritual connection with the person they wish to commit their lives to on a serious level. Many are looking for a person you may have shared more than one past life with together, and will intuitively know when they find this person.


How then do you tell the difference between a psychic couple and one that is a good partnership but not a psychic one? First, of all a psychic couple will feel a strong sense of familiarity when they meet. Usually as well, both of them are open minded to learning about spiritual matters and embrace opportunities to do so. Spiritually attuned partners are unlikely to be very different to each other on that level as one of the characteristics of a psychic couple is that they will feel that they are part of an ongoing and beautifully matched adventure of soul and spirit. No matter what lives they have led before and what experiences they have had, their belief in the spiritual journey they are on and their willingness to learn about the unknown world is a major attraction to both of them that will lead to them wanting to be together in the adventure.

Age or culture is actually irrelevant to the finding of such a person in your life but there maybe striking similarities in how you have lived your lives or the areas you love and want to learn more about. A psychic couple usually meet in what could be called predestined ways. You and your lover live in the same area or move there, you find yourselves sitting next to each other on a plane, one of you sees a social media page of the other and decides to take a chance, you meet up through a mutual friend and find you are perfect for each other.

There maybe no fixed way that you do meet, but whatever way you meet will seem to have had a destiny or fate element to it. My own parents met for example in a strange way. They were both from diversely different cultures but had similar spiritual beliefs although they could have had no idea that they would both rent an apartment in the same block in Melbourne and my mother would see my Dad for the first time when emptying a teapot in the garden and nearly hitting him with it as she did not immediately notice him. She later told me that as soon as she saw his face, she knew he would be her husband and indeed they married some years later after a long courtship due to the unsettled times they lived in. Mum and Dad had a strong psychic bond that was evident in many ways. They were telepathic to each other, often picked up what the other was thinking and both believed in life after death.My Mum’s Mother was a medium and had seen a man in a dream who she later interpreted to be a relative of my father who predicted that her daughter would marry a fellow just like my Dad!

There are a number of elements to any successful mating and they are compatibility on the practical, physical , emotional, mental and spiritual areas .In this time of the Aquarian Age which I have written about both as an astrologer and in my other writings and articles, I believe that many people will meet their true psychic mate and will be open to the way their soul destiny works out for this to happen.

You cannot force such a meeting or make this happen with a person who is not compatible with you in this way, but you can with expert guidance increase the chances of finding a person you share spiritual harmony with.
It is important to realize first of all that true compatibility does involve a degree of the spiritual in it as this element is what allows a couple to believe in their mutual dreams and to build that future in the face of life’s natural challenges and changes. Being courageous with your partner at your side is a lot easier if you both have a faith in your destiny as individual and joined souls on the path.

You can build your compatibility on this journey by meditating together or learning about natural therapies or healing pathways or taking the occasional spiritual retreat together. Travelling to places where you can join with nature or visit sacred places is another way you can share on this level, but in everyday life as well you can take some time out to talk to each other about your spiritual learning and curiosity.

If you are still looking for a mate or partner, put out to the Universe through your angels and guides that you are ready to meet the person you can go on with your journey with, somewhere in this wide world is a person who will truly love you exactly the way you are, so remember that self love and believing in how valuable you are to this world with your unique and wonderful energy is a very important part of living your true spiritual destiny!

If you would like to ask me more about psychic couples or enquire on any area of your life, from love to career or destiny, please contact me for a chat or phone reading.


Love and Light,


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