Are You A Prisoner In Your Own Life?

By Sequoia: Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you would do almost anything to get it? You pour your heart and soul into visioning how it would be, how much happier it would make you, and how much your life would change for the better by having this thing?

1sequoia3It could be a new job, that has the potential to allow you to rise through the ranks and reach new heights of achievement. Maybe its setting up the business you have always wanted that allows you to express your passion and bring endless rewards of financial freedom or being your own boss, and being able to have the freedom to spend more time with your family. Maybe it was that dreamy person you have liked and just know in your heart, that this is the one and you will be together, come hell or high water! This is the person of your dreams who will complete you, and make you so happy!

Or what about that house? It is love at first sight, even though it’s more than what you can or want to pay, but you must have it and the Universe conspires to make it happen, the stars align and Woohoo! You are now the proud owner of your dream home, and life is great! Then, down the track, life happens and things start to change. Slowly and subtly at first. That job that you wanted so much is becoming more and more demanding. You are being asked to do more hour and your workload is increasing. The deadlines are getting shorter and the pressure is mounting. Because you are working so many hours, there is no time left to go to the gym and eating take out on-the-go becomes the norm. You are not sleeping, as you can’t wind down, you are getting unhealthier, sometimes fatter and everything in your life is being neglected, especially your family and love life.

Same thing with the business, that hasn’t panned out the way you thought it would as prices have gone up, it’s hard to get good staff and your overheads way outweigh your income. It has become a grind,and almost a noose around your neck, but you have to keep going to make ends meet. You are tired, stressed and grumpy around your family and to be honest, not too pleasant to be around! There comes a feeling of powerlessness and the loss of hope.

And what about that partner!? The one who was going to make you so happy, and even though there is still passion( or not!), that person has turned out to be a narcissist, Who is selfish and demanding and controls your every move or, is someone who does nothing to contribute to your relationship, or in contributing in any way. You are drained, broke and miserable and do you think they will leave your life? NO! Not when they have it so easy, because you are doing everything for them! And that home? Over priced but awesome, and so worth it, even though you will have to really live frugally for the next 30 years! Then you have an accident or lose your job, And are unable to meet your payments. On top of that, the plumbing has gone, the car needs repairs and it’s all piling in, faster than the speed of light!

Blood pressure is rising with the stress and it feels like everything has turned to crap!

What to do? What to do?

STOP! MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE! YOU HAVE DONE IT BEFORE, AND YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN! DREAM ANOTHER DREAM! Even though it doesn’t feel like it, when we are going through these times, they are always an opportunity to stop, reassess and choose another path. More often than not, the solution lies within the problem and when you get to the other end of these tunnels, which we all do, when we choose to. The destination is always better than what we thought it would be and life becomes simple and joyful again. Ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself because if you are not honest with yourself, no one else will be.




Is the level of stress, really worth the pay cheque? What would be the worst thing that could happen, if I left this job? Close the business? Am I healthy, and able to maintain my energy and balance?

What am I really doing this for? Recognition, to impress others?


Does it really make me happy? Is your life fulfilled because of it?

Is it what you thought it would be?

Who and what, are suffering because of this?


Why am I hanging on to this ,even though it is toxic for both of us?

Is it fear of rejection?

Fear of being alone?



Am I loving and honouring myself, by staying?

What am I so afraid of?

Fear of never being loved again?

Why am I allowing this?

Do I not feel worthy, of healthy, compatible love?


Can I sell it?

Can I get someone in? A Roommate, to help pay the expenses?

Has it made me happy or has it been a money pit?

What other options do I have?

Is it worth the stress of hanging on?

These are just some examples of ways to turn things around and start on the journey of coming back into balance. Everything begins in the mind. There comes a time where we have two choices, to get off the treadmill before it all turns to custard or keep going at the pace we are, until everything comes crashing down around you which it inevitably will, and start again, from rock bottom. Having experienced all of the above, the biggest lesson I have learned is I can live my life from Inspiration or Desperation .

Inspiration is by far the most liberating! I hope this has been helpful for you. Have a magical day, being beautiful you.


Love and Light,



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