Archangels – Power to You

There are 15 Main Archangels in the Archangel Realm and all have different aspects and powers that they help you with. We can call on any particular Archangel to come through the reading and your daily life, or you can be open to what Archangel presents themselves to you, that are guiding and helping you in your life, when you say, “The Archangel of 100% Light that can help me most right now, please come to me now.”

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Every Archangel, having specific qualities and powers, can be noticed in your daily life when you make a connection and call in and attune to this Archangel. As a Master Lightworker Practitioner, I can guide your through a meditation that can attune you to a particular Archangel that you need help with in your life. Once you are attuned, you can trust in your inner urges that make you do things in your life to create change in positive and healthy ways and allow your dreams to come true.

You are not meant to do life alone, that is why Archangels are by your side, waiting for your permission to let them help you make your dreams come true and heal your life. An Archangel Attunement, can do just that.

They 15 Main Archangels and their Powers are:

1 – Archangel Ariel: Abundance, Courage, Helping with Animals

2 – Archangel Azrael: Mediumship, Helping the Dying Pass Over to the Light

3 – Archangel Chamuel: Life Purpose, Seeking Out Our Soulmates

4 – Archangel Gabriel: Adoption and Fertility, Children, Creative Writing, Journalism

5 – Archangel Haniel: Moon Cycles, Goddess Connection, Reflecting our Inner Wisdom,

6 – Archangel Jeremiel: Seeing the Truth, Activating Your Clairvoyance, Making Life Changes

7 – Archangel Jophiel: Seeing the Beauty, the Love in a Situation, Feng Shui, Making Your Home Beautiful

8 – Archangel Metatron: Helping with Children with Special Needs, Inner Child Healing, Understanding Spiritual Signs

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9 – Archangel Michael: Trusting Your Spiritual Wisdom, Cutting Through Negativity, Standing in Your Power, Spirit Releasement

10 – Archangel Raguel: Relationship Healing, Resolving Arguments Between People (Known as the Relationship Archangel!)

11 – Archangel Raphael: Known as the Healer, Heals all Wounds, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

12 – Archangel Raziel: The Magician, Helps to Manifest What You Need, Improves Psychic Abilities

13 – Archangel Sandolphon: Hearing Messages Through Music, Answering & Delivering Prayers

14 – Archangel Uriel: Brilliant Ideas, Helps People with Fast Minds, Helps with the Weather and Storms

15 – Archangel Zadkiel: Keeps Energy Flowing, Helps with Memory Loss/Improvement and Studying for Exams

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