An Illusion Of Love And Career

By Ann: Hello guys! this is a good topic. I hope you all had a good start to the year 2018. There are a few points I need to make clear when you are waiting and going through any life issue with the one you love or career and dating.

Everybody thinks they know what is going on and they make assumptions about a situation and start to believe their own mind and create negative thoughts get themselves all upset, and their world turns into a world wind a vortex of negativity, Is this you?
So, let’s look at this. You have made your own mind up on what he and she is thinking, and you are certain, they do not want anything to do with you? or they do not love you? Or you will lose your job because someone is disgruntled with you. Well, this is called “being a mind reader without the facts”.

ann3 Even in a court of law, you have a defense panel, so that he/she who you are thinking about and making up assumptions about what they are thinking and doing, they are not in front of you to defend themselves, so how is that fair? You need to wait this out and ask them. And find out how they are thinking about you and how they feel. Or why they have been disgruntled for you in your workplace?

You see, so many thoughts run through your mind and you tell yourself if he/ she loves me, he/she would be calling. If he /she wants to see me he/she would reach out, he/she has not contacting me then, you think he/she has someone else or he/she is avoiding you.

Do you ever think that they have their own life and they like to live it the way they wanted to without you being controlling, and telling them what to, ‘you must call me’, ‘you must Text me’. This is a high expectation you put on them and because they do not call you is because they are doing their own thing?

It does not mean they do not think of you they do, freedom is a beautiful thing in a relationship.

I can understand how hard this would be for you. No one wants to face the truth about themselves, have you ever thought of why there is so much separation in the world today? It is because of expectation and distorted love. How can you say you love he/she when you want to control their every thought and their lives and you do not let he /she have freedom. They are with you because they want to be, but, once they lose themselves, they lose the love and respect for themselves, they lose the love and respect for you.

And this causes separation. We should live the moment. People live their lives on a ‘what if’ and ‘this is not how you run your life’ mindset, this is called an illusion, hanging onto your partner with a leash will not work.

In your career, if you are not happy anymore with your job and you feel someone is being disgruntled with you, Sit down and think of what is happening in your life? Why are they like this to you? and have you tried asking them? You need to. But instead, you decide to resign from your work rather than confront the situation. How silly is this when you have a good job and you are leaving because of a person. This is called an illusion, wake up and face your fears and do not allow separation set into your relationship through stupidity. If you are unsure on what to do, then I am here to help you, chat with me call me through life reader.

There is no anything too hard to do, we can all lose our way and fall under the umbrella of illusion and negativity, there is a way to fix things but,keep in mind that things change every day, even people.

If your relationship is on the brink and your career is on its low and this is how you feel, what is written in this article, then contact me, there is always a solution.


Much Love and Hugs,


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