Allowing Happiness In Hard Seasons

By Counselor Karen: Many people often set themselves up for disappointment when they are in the midst of a hard season of their life. It is so hard to cope in these seasons, but many often push the positive people away from them that God has put in their path. Why do we do this? I am sure we often question the motives of a happy person when we are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Just consider though that these people or person that seems to keep coming around while you are down is often the greatest gift life can bring when everything else seems hopeless.

karen3 Joyful people should not be shunned in jealousy. These joyful people should be embraced. It’s not that they have not experienced a hard season themselves, because we all have, but they have overcome in this moment and for that reason, you need them. So often I hear others talk badly about someone that is joyful around them. Often for no reason at all do these unhappy people have any reason to talk negative about them, but it is just the norm that “hurting people tend to hurt others.”

I have learned many lessons in this myself over the last ten years or more. I feel the older I get, the more mature I get when it comes to other woman and the cattiness that they sometimes have toward one another. The last year in particular I have really tried to go out of my way to be kind and supportive of others I can see going through a bad season of life because I have been there on more than one occasion. One season lasted many years. I have found with many that I am pushed away and not liked for any reason at all but for the fact I am happy. This saddens me because in the seasons I was down, I would have loved and hoped for someone joyful to be around me. It is so important for us to have support, and encouragement in the hardest days of our lives. Judging the ones that are positive only comes back to haunt you because you are not allowing them to be there for you.

I know this for a fact.. People need people. God never promises everyday to be a sunny day. There is always going to be heartache, and pain and sometimes even loss. The intention of positive people being around is to bless you. It is never an accident to encounter happy people. They do not come around to make you feel more upset, or to mock you. I look at it as they are there to love you. When you push them away, the blessings they bring are diminished and you are standing alone.

Don’t reject people in your life that are in a happy season when you are not because God sends joyful people to brighten the days of the low seasons you are in. Put aside jealousies and let them love on you because one day you might need to be that joyful person God sends to them. 🙂


Love and Light,

Counselor Karen

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