A Universal Message

By Ann: So many times, you feel your life is not going anywhere and you are tired of waiting.. Did you know that the only spirit being is God who knows accurate time? Of course he/she would because it was created by the highest.. the universal life force.

ann3 I have a message for you. Do not worry about the things that you do not have. Always be happy with the things you do have. I can perform miracles, I will never leave you. Do not be quick to judge another person because of their lack of action towards you. When they are not showing love or being consistent in the way you would like them to be, patience is the key here in all things in this life you worry about things and fear things when they do not even happen. If I am before you, how can anyone be against you? I know your needs before you do. I know you all individually, ask me for anything, throw all your problems upon me and I will be there, you ask, and you will be given you seek and you will find. Can you love unconditional? can you forgive? For everything you do in this life that is not good, I forgive you.

There is nothing that can separate you from me, but your own free will, this was the gift of choice. You choose to leave me, I did not leave you. Don’t think you are alone, this is a battlefield between good and evil, Angels and demons. This is the interesting part, I stand in the name of Love. Demons stand in the name of destruction, they influence you to think things that are not real or to create an addiction. They are in the churches, they are in the government. I don’t intend people to be able to get a divorce every 12 months and change their partners because they find someone better. The whole world is under the umbrella of the Demons, they are called the lowest dimension you are living in. Demons cannot read your mind but they work against you in what you say. They know all your fears, you may not see them with your eyes but you can see how they have been a destruction in this world.

Demons work on giving you negative thoughts. If you say you do not believe in them, well they believe in you. They create things through other people to upset your day. They try anything to separate anyone from each other like families, marriages, relationships, anything evil. They can do anything to anybody. They are steering you away from the universal life force unconditional love. I hear so many times people love him/her but he/she is not giving the person what they want. This can also be influenced by the demons. They give up and walk away and try to move on to someone who they can be with instead of waiting.

The only way you can get what you want and need is to understand Angels and demons. This is not about religion, it is good common sense. When soldiers go into fight a war they must know their adversary. This also applies to you when someone is around you and is acting strange. You can guarantee they are being influenced by the demons. Have you ever been in a place or around someone’s energy and it gives you chills? And then you start to think negative or have furniture move in your house on its own a light switch comes on without you turning on the switch. There is so much to this life then what you see. It is what you cannot see that create the problems. Prayers will only work if you have 100% faith. This is reality and often people do not know how to pray. The more you trust in the universal life force, the demons will flee when you use the name Jesus Christ.

Keep in mind you can achieve anything in this life. What you need and want it is the way you go about it. If you would like to know more, please come online and chat with me.


Much Love and Hugs,


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