A Functional Relationship

By Gail: Many of us are trying to function in dysfunctional relationships. Dysfunction, malfunction, not operating properly. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves. How can you ever expect to have a functional relationship with another person when you don’t have a functional relationship with yourself? Your outer experience is a direct reflection of your inner state. When you function in peace and love and harmony then you will attract that to you.

When your own being is dysfunctional you can only attract other people who are also malfunctioning. It is like plugging a computer with a virus into another computer; dysfunction is a kind of virus and you put yourself at risk of downloading it. Put up a personal firewall and be discriminating about what you choose to accept and how you choose to behave.


A lot of people don’t realise that we all have inbuilt predictive text – and for many of us it is broken. We interpret everything that happens to us through a very complex and distorted filter. We get half a message and then we interpret it based on our own belief system. We fill in the words we expect to hear, not necessarily what is actually being said or happening. And not necessarily what we want either. 

So much information is coming at us constantly that we filter out everything that is not directly in our vision. When our back is turned on love and abundance we can not see it. We only see what we are illuminating. Our perception is like a flashlight and we can only identify with what we are shining our light upon. There are endless possibilities from which to create our lives but we can only see the ones we are focused on. Energy radiates, it lights up and expands whatever you channel it into: you are illuminating and expanding what you put your energy into. This is what you will create more of in your life. Your energy gives it life. 

Our illumination of something also distorts our view, we only see the parts that fit into our belief system and prior experiences. The information that comes to us becomes judged, generalized, compartmentalized. We are functioning from a limited and distorted point of view, trying to predict everything based on our past experiences and beliefs.

Create space to function in harmony. Clear your personal cookies and cache. Turn off your personal predictive text and allow a fresh and spontaneous experience to emerge. Make room for harmony. The pure beauty of nature is completely functional. You are a symphony, a masterpiece. All the notes are there, you don’t need to add anything to yourself. What you need to do is remove the discordant frequencies, the baggage that distorts your vibration, the weight and heaviness that compromises the freedom of your spirit. Every symphony needs a conductor, how are you conducting yourself? Are you waving your arms around frantically and chaotically, pressing every button impatiently and demanding immediate gratification, or are you accepting the subtle nuances of life and finding balance and synchronicity? Learn to function in harmony with the flow of life. 

We can’t always be riding at the top of a wave, just as we will not always be stuck in the swell of passivity. Life is a constant flow of energy that comes in waves and cycles. Learning to conduct yourself in a manner that makes the most of all situations is fundamental to functioning in peace and happiness. The peace, balance, and happiness you desire are all emanating from you. Recognize when it is time to burst forth and give, and when it is time to withdraw and receive, accept all experiences equally. Function within the acceptance of what is, and harmonize with the infinite possibilities available to you. We have to accept things as they are now, fighting against reality is not a battle you will win. This does not mean we can not change things. 

If you are encountering dysfunctional relationships – in any area of your life – look at how you are not functioning to your own optimum standard. Is your own operating system infected or offline? Are you utilizing your skills, embracing your value, and expressing your truth with creativity and love? Where you are falling short in your commitment to yourself is where you will fall short in life. Your being knows how to function perfectly in alignment with nature, any malfunction you are experiencing is determined by your limited perception. The level of dysfunction you are encountering is a direct correlation of your own ability to function in the natural world. 

We are overwhelmed with choices when we purchase something these days. Not only colors, features, styles and textures, but also delivery and payment options. We spend so much time ordering material things and determining what and how it will come to us. You can have it now and pay for it later. You will pay for it later. You will pay for the choices you make now. When you are functioning in harmony with the universe you can order things exactly the same way as you would on the internet. You wouldn’t search online for the things you don’t want, and click all of the features that don’t suit you; so many of us do this in real life. Every complaint we have and doubt we encounter is like ticking a box with the universe saying we want more of this. The universe brings us what we put our energy into, so if you focus on complaining the universe will bring you more things to complain about. Focusing on things we appreciate will bring us more things to be grateful for. Look at what you are shining your light on. This is what you are creating. Make sure it is what you want. 

Peace requires you to be functioning in the alignment of natural harmony. Function in resonance and synchronicity with your vibrational signature. Your vibrational signature is like your universal credit. It is unique to you and can either flourish or wither, depending on what you do with it. Are you living on credit, guilt, obligations and afterpay in your everyday life?  Have you become a kind of debt collector – accumulating debts, expectations, obligations? These things come from a place of lack, they are not in harmony with your natural vibration. Giving of yourself with expectations and conditions attached is a limitation that distorts your vibration

 Or are you living with abundant stores of everything you need? Life is an exchange of energies. Give of yourself freely knowing that you are supported and loved and that all that you give will come back to you. Connect to the infinite abundance of creation and allow your frequency to harmonize with your desires and magnificence. When you operate at your full capacity there is a sense that all is functioning as it should within and around you. 

The natural order of the world contains its own blueprint for life. There is a sense of balance and flow that goes beyond the limitations of mental concepts and the physical form. Dysfunction is a result of trying to go against the natural blueprint of existence. Functioning from a place of love, abundance and harmony will bring you in alignment with the most magnificent aspects of your being and bring balance and peace to your relationships. 

Having a functional and loving relationship with another requires you to first be functioning to your own optimum standard. Look at the aspects of your life that are not unfolding as you would like them to. What can you change, reframe, or remove that will allow you to operate in alignment with the natural order of the world? Your functionality, or lack of it, is directly related to your ability to clear past baggage and accumulations, release expectations, and embrace the natural harmony of your own magnificence. We all have the power to function in harmony and abundance or to malfunction in lack and fear. Being functional or dysfunctional is a choice – what are you choosing?  


Love and Light,


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