10 Indications That A Person May Be A Control Freak

For the sake of this article, I would like everyone to understand what is written below can be applied to any relationship and not just the romantic type.

Control Freaks are difficult to live and work with.

Most human beings like to feel in control of their lives, and often feel uncomfortable being out of control. The difference is that control freaks MUST BE IN CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES, and will do anything to avoid feeling out of control. This often presents serious problems in any relationship.

So – what are the signs that a person may be a CONTROL FREAK?

They are listed below:

  Control Freaks have a difficult time opening up and showing you their vulnerable and emotional side.

  Control Freaks don’t like to admit that they need you OR

  Control Freaks need you so much they want to control all of your time, becoming highly possessive and jealous.

  Control Freaks are likely to become easily upset, expressing their anger or hurt, when they don’t get their way or feel out of control.

  Control Freaks can be compulsive about their living habits, routine work etc and therefore can be very difficult to live with.

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  Control Freaks can attempt to control the choices and habits of those around them – children, co-workers, friends and especially their mates.

  Control Freaks never like being told what to do !!

  Control Freaks are likely to have a hard time relaxing, whether after work, on weekends, or on holidays; they tend to be workaholics.

  Control Freaks are likely to be very impatient and irritable people.

  Control Freaks tend to be very domineering and crucial parents.

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