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About Marie

I use my gifts as a lightworker to provide intuitive readings. I practice a variety of methods and make use of several alternative card types to give spiritual feedback, suggestions, and interpretations of one's life circumstances or posed questions. I have the ability to provide guidance from a clairvoyant perspective to assist in gaining clarity and direction. I offer suggestions and insight for you to consider and paths for you to explore! Life is a journey, and you should know what to expect. Would you rather take a chance at the unknown, or know what lies ahead? Get all your questions answered, at any time, with a personal tarot reading. My psychic abilities are a gift that I could use to help people. It became my life purpose.

From a young age, I have been very sensitive to my surroundings and interactions between people. As a child, I always felt I was somewhat uncreative, and only focused on facts and details, which were known to be relevant, and backed by tradition. As I grew, I began going further into my studies, and anything that piqued my interest. Astrology was the first, in a similar field of study, which caught my full attention.

From there, the tarot cards became an interest and that is when my abilities truly blossomed! Soon, I discovered that my late mother had an interest in astrology and tarot cards, as well! How neat! My skills are still growing every single day. I love the work that I do now, and will forever be a student! Accurate psychic readings are tools that bring about positive change in a person’s life. When you read with me, I listen to your inner voice so I can get to the bottom of what’s challenging you. My intuition helps reveal your truth so you can get what you desire quicker.

Love and Relationships are my favorite subjects on which to give tarot readings. I am very understanding of any kind of relationship troubles, and I try my best to give clients the absolute truth that they need to hear, for their highest good. The only subjects I do not cover or look into are 1) connecting with those who have passed on (Mediumship), 2) most pregnancy or health-related matters, and 3) questions about missing persons or items, pets or the like. My desire is to truly comfort and guide. I am an instrument to help others on their journey.

 My goal is always to uplift and encourage people to live the life they want to live. To not be held down by anyone else's expectations except their own and to know their own worth is the best kind of independence one can experience. Whenever a client experiences a breakthrough, my heart lights up! I love doing what I can to help people along their journey through life in any way that I can.    

My Experiences:

Astrology Expert
Psychic Medium
Tarot Card Reader

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