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Uses spiritual and shamanic practices. 
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About Judith

I am an empath and 3rd generation intuitive clairvoyant who uses spiritual and shamanic practices passed on from my grandmother and mother to read the current energies around clients to assist them in getting clarity with relationship dynamics, career crossroads, motivational guidance and soul purpose.

I am passionate about offering guidance and insights to help release emotional blocks that are contributing to relationship difficulties, and to let go of unproductive patterns of thought to heal the mindset of limiting beliefs and create the life your heart and soul truly desires. I get to the heart of the issue because your time is just as precious as mine. I like to be tender and tactful but straightforward and practical too.

I use my intuition, shamanic training, tarot, oracle cards and experience as a life coach to identify patterns of self-sabotage and clear emotional burdens of the past, past lives and ancestral lineage that may be interfering with current relationships and overall success. As a young girl, I saw angels and spirits regularly. I have worked hard to have a deep, spiritual connection with the universe and the people I read for. As a result, I can make the complex simple, bring peace and understanding to my callers and give them the answers they need.
My first clairaudient experience at age 10 was a warning in my right ear. It was a beautiful feminine voice directing my attention to my infant sister who was about to fall back to the ground. I reached out and caught her before she fell on her head. Throughout my teens, I began learning shamanic practices from the elder women in my family during weekly spiritual circles. I was drawn to tarot and oracle cards and have done readings for 20+ years. My psychic abilities developed exponentially as I began to recite mantras and meditate daily. As a lifelong empath, it felt natural to become vegan and that further refined my energy. I often get sudden visceral feelings and visions when someone close to me is in danger. I’m able to deliver a message in perfect divine timing. I can also hold an object, feel the energy and receive messages from the soul of its previous owner. I love using my spiritual gifts to help people feel empowered to step into their full potential and lead lives aligned with their authentic soul purpose.
I believe we all co-create our reality with the divine, so we can have more power to direct the course of our future than we can ever imagine. I am here to shed light and to always inspire hope.
My Experience:
More than 20 Years of Experience
Oracle and Tarot Card Reader

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