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Intuitive, life coach/healer who unlocks doors.
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About Jacqueline

I am a professional and compassionate psychic, tarot reader and medium. I have two Psychology degrees and specialize in love, relationship and life questions. I also offer Life Purpose Coaching for you to achieve your goals and success in all aspects of your life. I can help you to create a brighter future. I also help people who need help with depression, self-esteem issues, and coping with the loss of a loved one. I believe it is always better to know the truth and move on from there.

In my 20 years experience working as a lightworker, I have helped many people within my own private practise. I have a passion with working with the universal life force. With the angelic realm, they guided and directed me throughout my life. Through the process of Aquarian Healing Treatments, I was able to overcome trauma from the past, my spiritual development grew more profoundly. I can travel through spiritual realms and find out what your soulmate is thinking and feeling about you. Past lives can create havoc. I can help you to live in the present moment and remove the blocks that are creating stress for you. After all, this is about spiritual evolution and your welfare. With my experience with the angelic realm and walking in other people's shoes, I understand the emotions that are attached to any life problem that you may have. I have also learned that anything is possible when you see the bigger picture.

I am here to share insights on what lies ahead on your journey, but it’s up to you what you do with that information. I am a positive, outgoing and straightforward person. My readings are compassionate and sensitive; I am here to listen to you. I was born with natural psychic abilities. For the last 10 years, I have been working with my guru in tarot, working through the Egyptian Wizardry, Demonology, Flower Remedies, Herbal Blends, how to project out the energy to be able to connect to the one that you love. I have also experienced on the 7 dimensions of the spiritual realm, travelling through the angelic time. In all my experience, there has never been accurate time. When I travel through the dimensions, it felt like 5 minutes, where it took 5 hours. It was an amazing journey when you can see the hall of souls. I believe before our life begins everything is written for us and our experiences. I believe in truth and integrity, I do not diverge from that.

Having experienced all walks of life, I know what a well-rounded reader should be. And if I were the one calling for a psychic reading, I would expect my psychic to relate to all kinds of people like I do.

Psychic readings can be life-changing. I can help you find your right path and guide you away from the toxic people and negative situations in your life. Why live your life in the dark when you can have a little help from time to time? As an empath, I have a very strong sensation of what a person is feeling, whether they are the caller of the person they are calling about. I am here to enlighten, confirm, clarify, solve and give the callers peace of mind. You’ll feel inspired when you call me, even if you get messages that are not completely positive.

My Experience:

More than 20 years of experience as a professional Psychic/Tarot/Medium/Past Lives/Remote Viewing/Demonstrating Mediumship in Spiritual Churches

BA Psychology/Sociology

Graduate Diploma Psycho-Social Studies

Diploma Aquarian Healing

Success Coach

Diploma of Tarot

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