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About Gaelen

Using Tarot Cards and linking in with your energy I will help you find the answers you are looking for. As a Psychic I only used to read for friends until about 25 years ago when I was given the opportunity to be involved in a Psychic Fair. This experience changed my life forever; I discovered Reading for people was my destiny and future vocation. I studied Mediumship at The Arthur Findlay College in London.

I also have various Degrees in Psychology. This gives me the valuable background and tools I need to provide you with an in-depth and on the mark Psychic Reading. I use various Tarot spreads tailored to suit my clients needs. I generally use the Old English Spread which is a multi-level spread showing the likely events for the next 12 months. For relationships, I use a short-term and long-term spreads which show the circumstances and interaction of energies between two people.

A true story

I gave a reading to a very skeptical customer and predicted a new job for him within the next month. He couldn't believe it as he told me he had just been for an interview. I told him that there would be a delay of him starting the job. A few weeks later he called me again and he told me that he had been offered the job but the start date had been delayed because his company car was not ready!  If you come to me please come with an open heart, and I would suggest that you prepare yourself with the questions you would like to ask me, as I do not want to waste your time and money. I am a very honest and compassionate Reader, who has many repeat clients.


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