Yuletide Blessings In The Tarot

By Francis: The tarot can be used for divination all through the year, but, there is something about consulting the cards at year’s end to see what culmination is shown. We like to draw a close to each year and begin fresh with a new one. Let us look at some Tarot cards which might be reflective of the Season.

Three of Cups.

francis3 The three of cups signifies pleasure, socializing and merriment. It depicts three women dancing, cups held in the air full of the joys of life. It may be a symbolism of the three graces even if people are familiar with this. Visions of art and beauty foretold through many a tale. At Christmas we may drink or eat more than we usually do and there are often parties, gatherings, events which we feel inclined to join and partake in. It is a very positive card and shows that there is a time coming that you can fully enjoy and feel no regret from. Cup cards show emotions and this is one of the brightest and cheeriest displays.



This card denotes a figure with one foot in the water mixing liquids with a light shining out of his/her psychic zone. The sun is coming up in the background. Sometimes we feel out of balance in our lives, with different sleep patterns and maybe after the three of cups there is a sense of over indulgence. When this card shows up we need to learn patience and to listen to the little voice within without getting flustered by our daily routine. At year’s end we might be feeling loss or sadness or that we have maybe not excelled enough, but give it time and our routine will get back to normal.

Ways to harken in Christmas.



After taking a brief look at two significant cards, it is also wise to allow space and fulfilment to enter into our lives at Christmas. Red candles are a must this time of year coupled with holly and berries. Scents of cinnamon and nutmeg arouse our senses to the warm indoors away from the cold weather. After the Winter Solstice on 21st December the days become longer and it is wise to celebrate the Solstice with a red rose on your altar bidding goodbye to the darkness. Coming up to Christmas we must be patient and have space and time for other people not forgetting that yule is not always about celebration but also a time for reflection and to give thanks for the many blessings of the year which has passed.


Have a peaceful Christmas Lifereaders!!

Light and Love,


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