You Want To Be Loved

By Ann: So many times, you want to be loved by that special someone and to be able to be happy and Joyful in life. You need to get it right, do you love yourself? This is the question, do you feel that you can sustain a relationship? and run the distance and grow old together? This gives you something to think about really.

ann3 So much sadness and so much grief in the world today and 95% of relationships are failing. When you look at the world and how violence is one thing that runs in a relationship, anger, blaming; everything in life is a relationship and this is what you need to get, you also must have a relationship with yourself. Do you know you?

This is also a good question, getting to know you and how many times you have taken the time out to exactly do this. If you are unhappy then you are the only one that can fix this and of course, you can turn to God and the Angels and they will help, and you gain inner peace from this. You cannot purchase inner peace, it is universal.

So many people I see have had so many problems in their relationship, and they would ask me, are they being cheated by their significant other. Then I ask them back these questions, “Why would you ask me this? Have you been giving affection? have you been showing love? have you been kind? Have you been communicating?” Then their response is YES, but figured that they are no longer loved and takes the blames.

Well, let me tell you this, It is not any easy job being a relationship counselor or a behavior therapist, it is very tiring at times. What you need to remember is both of you need to always be attracted to each other often. I have seen in my work that someone can let himself/herself go, someone can not dress and be feminine for the man and someone is taking each other’s love for granted. When this happens, you always need to be on top of how you look, how you smell and the physical and psychical attraction has to be there.

And then the verbal on how you speak to each other is also as important on how you look towards each other. When you look at colored fruit it looks good, and you want to eat it; this is how you should look toward each other, so that your man and woman wants to be intimate with you.

A relationship will not survive with no intimacy, if this is your case, I suggest you see a practitioner who will help you overcome this hurdle and it needs to be addressed immediately.

And please do not think that you can wait a year or so before doing this; you will defiantly separate. I had a client and she came to me and told me that her husband and her are drifting apart and he is sleeping in another room, they have been together for 14 years and asked me what to do? I asked her if her husband is in another room, who is in your bed with her? She said it was her daughter. She has been in their bed since she was born and now, she is nine years old. I told my client that she drifted apart, not him. You need to slowly put your child in her own bed and inform your partner that they can work on bringing their relationship back to where it should be, if your husband is willing. Anyhow the husband was willing and their marriage was saved by that simple solution. It took a lot of patience, but it worked, and this is what I am happy with.

Often, it is not too late to save marriages, in other cases the husband has met someone else on the side and he is happy being in this situation at home because he is not attracted to his wife any longer and the other woman makes him feel special, and he is attracted to her. Then when the children have grown up, he will leave his wife and move on to someone else that makes him feel like a man and who he is attracted to. This goes for women as well, people have spent half a decade together and separate.

You do not have to fall into this category, you can change the way your relationship is if you are on the verge of separation. And you love your husband and wife. It can even be just as a boyfriend/girlfriend status. As I pointed out earlier, you have a relationship with everything in this life, but you do have to think of yourself and get to know you.

If you do not like you then. this will reflect in your relationship and you will blame your partner when you are not looking at yourself, think about it?

I suggest you come and talk to me. I can help you overcome anything, but the truth is do you want to?


Much love and hugs,


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