Will Your Relationship Survive?

Is not always a bed of roses you both need to pass through hardship in this time it is to know true love sometimes Gold needs to pass through fire for it to be purified.

So many times you want your relationship to work and you try so hard and it gets worse this can be in work career everything in this life you have a relationship with even your mobile phone. Have you ever noticed? That your friend is on his /her phone all the time like this is there life line. When you think about it social and media plays a big part in your relationship. While you are both watching TV do you cuddle up and spend quality time with your partner? You see it is simple to keep a relationship a live is affection Intimacy love and acknowledgment empathy and most of all listening to one another these are skills that you need to learn the right tone of voice your body language when talking and dealing with your relationship.

So much separation in the world today think about it in Australia you can get a divorce every 12 months if you do not want to be with your partner, what happened to the true meaning for better or for worse? Exactly it is easier to walk away then to stick it out and fight for your relationship,

Sure do not get me wrong there are relationships that are too far gone and separation is like a virus they did not fix the problems before it was too late sad really so much hurt so much grief attached to separation we have all gone through this

I can offer you the tools to work with to obtain your relationship to stay alive and healthy.
To the point and give you the tools to bring your loved one back to you but it is hard work and you have to want to commit and run the race of life and trust in the universe that the higher realm will help. I will let you know if we can fix the separation and how to prevent separation come on and chat with me you have the first 3 min free what have you got to lose without guidance I would rather put all my trust In the Angels then humans The Angels have never let me down not once.

Hugs and Love


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