What Is True Friendship?

By Ann: You see, friendship is love that is unconditional and should not be judged. A true friend will accept you just the way you are. And never forget what you have done for them and always be appreciative, it is not that you expect anything back for you are giving of yourself, because you do this out of love and respect for your friend. Have you ever heard of a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing?

This means you will meet a person and they come across as your friend and be nice to you. And you think what a nice person. Then they betray you and Gossip about you, and then you get hurt and your trust goes out the window if someone does this to you let them go as a friend because they will do it again and again to you. Forgive yes, this is what we do but, you do not associate anymore. This is what the Angels call a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing to lead you astray and live an illusion of friendship. Keep in mind, the wolf is great at taking all of your energy and zapping the life out of you because the wolf only think of themselves not you as a friend.

ann3 True friends love you no matter what, remember this. My true friends are earth Angels and Universal life force.

We are on a journey to love and be loved. Along this journey we have true friendships and illusions of friendships. It can be devastating when we are betrayed by a person, we believed to be a true friend. It is a hurtful experience to love and trust someone and they respond with betrayal. It does not seem fair to give our love to someone and they hurt us, but the experience
can empower us.

After the friendship is broken, we tend to analyse what went wrong. There are often signs that we overlook when we love someone. After all, no one is perfect, and we all have our shortcomings. When we take an honest look at the experience, we will see signs that the relationship was not healthy, but we held on anyway. The devastation of betrayal can serve as the driving force to remove negativity from us. Otherwise, we would continue to hold on to unhealthiness. The grief can feel unbearable, but it serves the highest good. Removing the
negativity allows room for loving friendships to flourish.

People can wear a mask and claim to love us when they really do not. People can also change and begin to reject our love that they once embraced. Either way, the hope of requited love is
shattered and we are left with a broken heart. So how do we recognize a friend or foe? Which relationships to preserve and when to let go?

Did you constantly sacrifice your own happiness to please them? We all make sacrifices for our loved ones at some time or another, but did you find yourself miserable for the sake of holding on to the friendship? There is reciprocity and support in true friendship. Please do not hold on to what hurts you because you are afraid of losing anything or anyone. This is fear based behavior, not love. In a true friendship you are safe and welcome to address anything that hurts you. This open and honest communication allows love to flourish. You deserve true love.

F.R.I.E.N.D. Hindsight:
Were you FREE or FEARFUL to be yourself?
Were they IN tune with or IGNORE your needs?

Honestly, answering these questions empowers us to expose the foe; Fearlessly observe everything. We do not have to turn a blind eye to the truth or deceive ourselves for love. Were you safe from judgement? Did you conform to their expectations of who you should be in? An effort to avoid criticism. Did you disregard yourself?


Love and Light,


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