What Is Energy Healing Compared To Spiritual Healing

Traditionally, spiritual healing is healing in which the healer is felt to be an instrument of the divine, allowing the power of the divine to heal through him or her. The healer acknowledges that he or she does not do the healing. In a sense, the healer is only the instrument through which the person seeking healing surrenders to the divine.

Many healers who do not call themselves “spiritual healers” acknowledge that they do not do the healing – this has become a well understood idea in healing — but to really live that fully is truly radical.

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Energy Healing vs. Spiritual Healing

There is no standard definition for spiritual healing or energy healing and often they are considered to be the same thing. Both terms can refer to widely varying practices, and there are many ways in which they overlap.

Since everything is energy, energy healing can simultaneously affect all levels of life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Depending on the leanings of the healer and client, an energy healing session can have a spiritual focus and impact. On the other hand, what a spiritual healer does may look exactly the same as what an energy healer does, and can also affect all levels. What, then, would distinguish energy healing from spiritual healing, and vice versa?

An exploration of this question is actually quite complex, and it becomes clear that our current institutions and language do not adequately describe the tremendous variety of emerging healing practices. The understanding that everything is energy points to the impossibility of separating out the spiritual from the material. Energy healing truly bridges the gap between science and spirituality, and yet our institutions are either secular or spiritual. A healer who works purely with energy may feel more aligned with either the scientific/medical model or a spiritual/religious model.

The key feature which distinguishes spiritual healing, at least in the traditional usage, is that the healer is seen as a vehicle for divine intervention. Many healers, however, also feel that they are divinely guided (regardless of the language used to describe this), and so even this key feature may not serve to distinguish spiritual healers from energy healers. Nevertheless, it could be said that spiritual healing in its purest form relies totally on the intervention of a “higher intelligence” — the healing occurs spontaneously without the healer making conscious choices. Usually a spiritual healer would not use particular techniques which are chosen based on some rationale of what technique works for a particular condition.

Spiritual healing often simply involves the use of prayer. Many miraculous healings occurred during the “miracle services”… The spiritual healer would be able to say how the healing occurred, except to acknowledge divine intervention. The healer may even take the position that he/she sees only divine perfection in the one who seeks healing, and so would not even see disturbance or disease.

Sometimes spiritual healing is very specific about the form of the divine which is being accessed for healing. Some spiritual healers refer to their work as coming from God or Source (or some other name for the divine). Others may say that angels and spiritual beings intervene. Yet another group of healers say that “spirits” of powerful healers who are no longer alive work through them. I always work with God and the Angelic realm at least then you can be sure where the energy is coming from.

Energy Healing

Energy healing, on the other hand, usually involves some conscious use of knowledge of the human energy field, as well as specific techniques to address disturbances. Programs which are based on the medical model will have an assessment of the energy.

So many people today are living below their God-given potential. Some part of their lives is not operating in a complete, smooth, and efficient manner. They need to be restored back to perfect operating condition in one or more areas of their life. The word healing implies to be made sound or healthy again, and to be set back into proper order, the way God designed for us.
There are many types of healing including spiritual, mental, financial, emotional, and physical healing. And if you feel that you need absent healing or any prayer work Please do not hesitate to contact me I can teach you how to become a healer.

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