We Are All Different

By Ann: We all are different; we have all different fingerprints and hair follicles, different eyes. Have you ever wondered that Vietnamese, Chinese, and all Asian people have brown eyes and dark hair and they are unique in themselves? When we look at other people, they have other eye color as well as the color of their complexion. We are all different and no one’s the same.

The point that I’m making is that each and every one of us is a unique individual because we are all made uniquely different. Just imagine if we were all the same and life for each and every one of us was exactly the same, we would all be like robots. This wouldn’t be a good idea because the thing is we wouldn’t have independence. We would not have a mind of our own and we wouldn’t be able to use our free will to choose to do what we want to do and to accomplish the things that we need to do.

ann3 Let’s take it that you are calling a psychic to get clarification on a topic in any life’s concerns because you are different than every reading becomes unique and different. It could be the same topic about a relationship why a partner isn’t with you anymore and how come some of the couple became separated. What did I do wrong? Is he coming back? Or do I want to contact a loved one who passed away?

And the list can go on and on as a reader. You are an individual person to me and this is the most important thing because your needs and wants are important to me. You are the most important person right now each and every one of us wants to be loved, to have that special someone in our lives, our soul mate, our lover and best friend and this is what you work towards even if you’re in a relationship that is a 24 hour day job. You need to be sensitive to each other’s emotions. How many times have you heard that? I’ve lived with him for 25 years and I do not know him. He’s left me for somebody else and it’s totally out of character.

So, wouldn’t it be fair to say that you didn’t really know him at all? People live their lives with someone and they don’t even know what they like to do. They don’t know the flowers their partner likes, they don’t know how their man feels and do not try to get to know him better. Communication must be on a deeper level for a relationship to last.

Human beings can be on the same page and be like robots and only settle and think this is all there is to life. You need to understand that we are masters of our own destination and we make the same mistakes day in day out. Have you ever heard the story all that happened to you has happened to me how terrible that was he cheated on me example?

Mary trying to get her loved one back:

“You know Ann, I really would like to have John back he left me for another woman and I really would love to have a second chance with him and rectify the mistakes that I did wrong or what he did wrong. But I’ve rang up the lady that he’s with and I abused her and told her how much of a low-life she was and then I had a go at him and told him all the bad things about himself and how much he has hurt me and I still love him and want him back.”

I told her that I can understand her on how she feels and how painful this could be especially having her man leave r somebody else that would-be heart wrenching and I totally get it. What I can see there, both of them lacked communication and he started drifting apart because she got so complacent in your relationship with each other that she didn’t care about each other’s wants and needs. The intimacy started to lack affection and then she found herself resenting him because he wasn’t coming home and he was going out all the time. I know she felt that it was very peaceful with him not being there but she forgot to remember there are other women out there that would take her husband because they are lonely and they are looking for someone. Both of them must take responsibility for their actions when they got married. They have marriage vows for better or for worse.

What happens if you lose your identity you forget who you are you lose your personality you start living for each other and not individually it is OK to be in a relationship and this can be happy. You need to be independent in your own emotions and in your own life you cannot rely on your husband to make you happy. And this applies for your husband as well. He has moved on with this other woman because of the lack of communication that you both had and it started off your husband was only communicating with this girl then one thing led to another and that is what happened that is why he’s not with you now. Being neglected and not loved will make your partner go elsewhere to find it this is how separation sets in.

Mary’s response was “And I never felt in a million years that he would leave I really didn’t and you’re right I neglected him with love and affection I let myself go I didn’t take pride in myself I put our children before him. I can take responsibility for my actions Ann how can I get my husband back.”

And this was my response to Mary, “In many cases your husband will not come back depending on the circumstances but he’s spent so many years with you. There is still love there. I would have to say that you need to trust in the angelic realm because at the end of the day your husband has moved on to somebody else for comfort.

First, we need to gain your power back and for you to become stronger be the woman that you used to be when you first met him doesn’t matter what age you are now let him see the changes I am not saying it’s your fault but you must start somewhere.
It will take time Mary this is not an overnight fix, because you love him all you can do right now is gain your individuality back. So that you can feel good about you there is no blame. Do not be abusive to him this will not get you anywhere he will go further into the other woman.it is better to be amicable and remember you spent the years together let him see the changes in you and remember nothing is impossible.”

Conclusion, Mary got back with her husband and is very happy that they renewed their wedding vows.

I dare you to be different.

Hugs and Love,


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