Walking In Another Person’s Shoes

This is very interesting when you think about it, we all like to give advice to people even though we have not walked in their shoes. People learn from books and study and life skills listening to other people, sadly to say then we give advice and it can be the wrong advice often the good intentions are the worst intentions, You have to walk in another person’s shoes to understand really how that person feels you cannot just summarize by your opinion, or make a judgment this is not the way to go it is far better to say that you have not walked on that person’s path and you can only imagine how they feel and you cannot judge the situation.

Being a psychic is the same thing what you have to remember is the Angels know everything about you, how you feel what you are going through and how much pain you can handle so this then becomes walking in your shoes they see all. And this is why you come to life reader to find out what the future holds.

I have experienced many roads in this life and walked in many people’s shoes and I understand the empathy and sensitivity and compassion that comes with you when you encounter hurt, pain, and grief.

I am a strong believer if the shoe does not fit, then move on to one that does always knowing that you are taken care of in this life by just asking the Angelic realm it is that easy. It is like this with any mental illness or depression or bipolar you have no idea unless you walk in their shoes with the emotion is attached to this it is too easy to judge most of these people that have this illness wishes they do not have any illness.

Often the case it is good to walk in another person’s shoes to learn what it feels like and for the experience.
And understand the way they feel even though you do not really know how they feel just support and kindness can be enough to help them get through the situation or problems that they are facing in the past present and future.
Definition – What is empathy all about?

Being able to empathize means to be capable of identifying and understanding another person’s feelings, without experiencing them for yourself at that particular moment. It is the ability to literally experience the world from another person’s perspective; to walk in their shoes, to view life from their living conditions and to feel what it feels like to be that person.

In this (often times) self-centered world, it seems that many have forgotten that not only they are in a pursuit of happiness, but everyone else is as well. Naturally, this is doomed to cause conflicts, as by centring the whole world on ourselves, we tend to forget about others, which is causing us to see by far more differences between ourselves and “them”. But in reality, we are all the same. No matter of our ethical background, skin colour or religious orientation – we all are striving for happiness, peacefulness and love. Also, each of us is trying to avoid sadness and suffering at best. So, instead of being blinded by the differences that superficially separate you from another person, try to acknowledge the commonalities you share with this person.

Rather than judge it is better to listen and allow the person to speak so they can talk about their problems and get them off their chest.

You never really know the reasons behind a person’s actions until you have made similar experiences remember this.
Look at this situation you can live with a man or a woman that has a mental illness and not know it and then because of their behaviour you get angry and divorce or leave the person and then later on your partner is told they have a mental illness and they need medication to control their moods and then they become a better person and stable. And move on to another relationship and lead a loving healthy life.

Before you leave your partner or any situation that is negative you need to try to understand what they are feeling and if they do not communicate with you it is not that you failed it is simple the shoe does not fit move on and go forward from this situation.

After all, we are Humans experiencing life of this earthly plane, but without compassion and love and patience then what do we have? It is not inner peace. Any questions on this article feel free to come on and chat with me.


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