Waiting For Things To Happen

By Ann: We all get tired of waiting for things to happen in our lives. And the days go by and the months and you see nothing happening. Then you get frustrated and think the psychic is wrong or the tarot reader is wrong. The truth is, there is no any accurate time, never has been, never will be and yet you want to be told when is this going to happen for you.

ann3 You need to accept things happen when it is meant to and because you do not have the patience to wait, you try to control it and make matters worse than what they were. I will explain through the Angels’ eyes, you see, you want something so bad and you say you love someone, and they are your everything. And because you must wait, you give up, so the angels see it that you did not love the person unconditionally in the first place.

Did you know how prayers work? I have been doing prayer work for the people for over 48 years and have had a lot of results. When I ask the angels to help you and you agree to this, they will start to remove the negativity from the situation so either person can see the light and see their actions good or bad, then the angels look at your actions on how much you believe and when you doubt, they will down tools and not work on your situation, then you come back and say nothing is happening. It is all about your intentions and serious it is.

The angels will not administer to your needs when you doubt. After all, the director of the whole universe is you. If you want to be happy and have everything in this life, only you can control it and the most important thing is inner peace.

Think about, it you must wait for everything like catching a bus, going to the doctor, your pay cheque etc. So in this life, the reality is you must wait for everything. Have you thought about this?
And the same applies with any health issues or drug addiction, you have a process to follow. Waiting is the key to being patient, with yourself and find this hard, and therefore, people fail.

You need to understand, and therefore I am writing this article on behalf Archangel Michael. This is how God views about waiting. He is giving everybody a chance to see the light and see his Love.

I believe that God chooses who he wants to do his work here on earth, when Israel needed help, God raised up men who became deliverers.

When Israel needed leadership, God raised up David and his mighty men. When God needed people to preach, he touched the lives of Jonah, Jeremiah, Ezra and many others. When God wanted people to preach the Gospel, he raised up a church.

God uses people to preach, teach, heal and perform mighty deeds in His name. God uses people to bring revival and transformation to cities. God uses people to be the answer to prayer. God uses us.

You see. Prayers do work and when you believe and not waiver in your faith. The problem is when God gives us these challenges, we forget that He gave it to test us. The power of prayer moves mountains.

God and the Angels will get you where you need to be in this life, you choose what you believe and waiting is reality, accept it, God works for the highest good of you.

Hugs and love,


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