Valentines Day With You

By Ann: I want to tell you about two special people, Travis and Krystal. It was a new relationship; they were discovering new and intimate things about each other and also themselves. They fell hard and fast in love with each other. They had only been together for three months and he chose to propose to her on Valentine’s Day.

ann3He thought that it was necessary to show her love each and every day. He realized that it would mean something extra special to do so on the 14th of February.

The thought of them growing old together, holding hands forever, meant something more because of its association with the date.

It is a magical time for all of us in love, to remind your life partner/soul mate that you will care and share memories, moments, lifetime of events.

Share your mind, body and soul.

Twenty-one years later, they are celebrating Valentines Day as if it were the first one.

Modelling this approach in front of their two children makes it even more special.

Twenty-two months ago, Travis was hospitalized with kidney failure. He is currently receiving dialysis treatment three times a week. Krystal is donating him a kidney. That is true unconditional love, the best gift not just to receive but to give. Krystal had a car crash in November 2004 and she was on life support and had an acquired brain injury. The medical practitioners were not able to tell Travis, if she was going to have brain damage, they had to wait until the swelling went down. They had a four year old daughter at the time, Krystal was in hospital for 3 months, and needed to learn to speak and walk again, Travis looked after her, so you see Valentines Day is all about love and running the distance for each other.

Conclusion of Valentines Day is about love and how we look at Krystal and Travis. In all of their turbulence being with each other they do not forget Valentines Day this is when they got married so this is there special day. We can all get through anything where there is unconditional love. And for those who are still waiting for the Valentine he /she is coming and all you have to do is see it in your mind and feel it in your heart. You are not just waiting for anyone you are waiting for your valentine; to some people it is just another day, but to Krystal and Travis it was their journey together as soul mates and how special it was on their wedding day.


Happy Valentines Day!

Love and Light,


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