Valentines Astronomy Mash-Up

By Gertrude: For decades, I have been a disciple of the stars and the galaxy the Universe has blessed us with. I use the actual stars that you are aligned to as a guide for your love path. This is a very unique and ancient method of love divination. One that has largely been lost over the centuries. When we look to the galaxy, both the past present and future are before us. So if you would like to take the time for me to work your chart in a reading, I would love to hear from you.

Because this is straight-up Astronomy, I can do these readings quite quickly and have also hand-drawn charts that I can refer to. However, I do suggest you settle yourself in with paper and pencil as I will be able to bring forward galactic wonders that you can look for in online Stellariums and Observatories.


Astronomy is the science of the Galaxy. The literal constellations that are in your physical presence. The first thing to understand about Astronomy is that during this phase the constellations that are orbiting during the entire month of February actually are:

Auriga the Charioteer aligned with the Winter Hexagon, Camelopardalis, Canis Major, Columba, Gemini, Monoceros connected to the Unicorn Nebula, Puppis, Auriga and Camelopardalis. It is also Capricorni that is the greatest influence. In astrology it is Aquarius however, in the galaxy above us, Aquarius doesn’t enter as a constellation above us until around February 16th.

On February 14th 2021, the constellation that we are in at that time is Ancient Capricornus, which is shaped like an arrowhead. The brightest star will be Deneb Algedi. We can see this amazing star in the Northern Hemisphere from 2:25 am until 5:05 am. In the Southern Hemisphere, the time of the sighting is from 4:00 pm until 7:pm. Deneb Algedi is often occulted by the moon. So there are the lunar tides that will also affect us through this time. Deneb Algedi’s Coordinates are very interesting they are RA: 21h 47m 02.44424s|Dec: -16° 07′ 38.2335. It is also located 39 light-years from Earth. It is also located in the southern hemisphere.

To understand the constellation’s history and mythology we go to the story of the God Pan. Encompassing flora, fauna and shepherds. He is The God of Nature. So this is where we turn our romantic desires back to basics. Who and what is the most natural fit for us. So in this time of love, we are asked to go back to our basic need for love. So this is one reason that the celebration of the love of nature and each other is also resonant on Valentines Day. This is also a time to be grounded and to enjoy each other’s company and the basic ingredients that love needs to flourish.

So we treat each other to food and nourishment. We show our love through gifts and giving. When we also look at the God Pan, he is also the creator of Pan-ic. And when it comes to love let’s face it, it isn’t always smooth sailing and we can find it distressful, impulsive and creating physical anxieties and stress. So when it comes to love and affairs of the heart, it is no wonder that we can go through a pendulum of emotions.

So what can we expect through the month of February and the bearing that it has on our love life? In each of the 88 Constellations, there is a deep sky and this includes many nebula and galactic treasures. Through this phase of Capricornus and it’s mythological attributes to Nature, we are asked to look at the ingredients that our current love partner or situation holds. And we are asked to allow all that is not needed to fall away, in some instances we are asked to make those choices ourselves. It is time to reassess the natural chemistry of our romantic love connections.

A nebular influence through this time is The Flaming Star Nebula as well as Monoceros, a constellation that passes through February, it is also the Unicorn. The Unicorn is not a mythical creature that has been lost to us. It breathes, lives and moves in the galaxy above us and has great influence over our lives. It symbolizes purity and in that sense true love.

The Flaming Star Nebula truly is an amazing sight. Do yourself a favour and google it. It is in the ancient constellation of Auriga, The Charioteer and gives passion and movement forward in your relationships.

It also ties in with God Pan being half goat, Auriga also represents the Goat and some say the Unicorn is part horse and goat because of its climbing abilities. And as we know Capricornus is also The Goat. The message in that is often we have to climb higher in our relationships. To elevate ourselves sometimes in order to soar.

I would love to do a Star connection for you based on yours and your love interest dates of birth and the important Astronomy alignment that you share. Let’s see what the Galaxy will reveal for you.


Love and Light,


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