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By Ann: Hello there! It is nice to see you again reading my Blogs. This story is about a couple that have been waiting for each other to be together. You will find this interesting and you will be able to relate some of the things in this story to your own Life.

A few years back, a lady came to see me for a reading and I asked her did she trust her friend? And Mary said yes. I told her do not trust her with your boyfriend she went away and was happy with the reading. And called me one month later and her boyfriend went off with her best friend Mary was devastated to say the least she asked to come and see me again. ann3

From that day, I was her Guide. She asked me to help her. She loved John so much, so much pain so much suffering, she went through so much rejection and she felt so lost.

My heart went out to her. I could understand her pain. I was a widow at 19 years of age so to understand the pain you have to feel the loss that Mary felt.

Moving forward from this, I said to her this is not the end.. You will still marry him and you will be happy. Mary told me even though her Ex, John, got engaged to Susan the only thing that is going to help her is the Angelic realm but she needs to understand that things take time, so I started working with Mary on a spiritual level. She came to class once a week for five years and along the way she met other men and Mary asked me if any of them is the right one, I said, No, John is. On the fifth year, John parted from Susan and went straight to Mary and told her “ I love you and I want to marry you”, and now sixteen years later, their marriage is as the first day they got married.

This is universal love, Mary had the faith and the Trust and the yearning, that this man was her life time partner and he was. The Angels helped, and a lot of prayer work went into this with Mary but the truth to the story that she did not give up her love for John was a love that was unconditional.

A love like that is how the Angelic realm feels for us, there is Know accurate time.

The reality is when death is at your door, you want more time to share with your loved ones and when you have to wait for someone you want to give up. Because of Time, is this love, or is this an illusion of love ask yourself this question?

Universal Love is a knowing that this person is right for you, you feel the person, you sense the person, you are totally connected in the spiritual plane.

You see John needed to see the light. Where it came to Mary, he could not understand why he would keep thinking of her while he was with Susan , and how he missed her and yet he chose to leave Mary for Susan. I believe the Angels kicked a goal here for these soul mates to make it and be together in this lifetime. What you have to see is that the stage has already been set when you come to planet earth. Who you are going to meet, what you are going to eat, what you will become in all aspects of your life experience after experience.

You see, The Angelic realm have a record of your life here on earth, it is called “The book of the living”.
The reason why it took so long for Mary to wait for John was the angels could not go against John’s free will, Universal Law.

We all want answers why things happen to us, but we always must keep an open mind where you think that something is impossible, it is possible where you think that it will not happen for you to be with the one you love.You need to believe that the person is just not there yet and is on his /her Journey in this life, but you need to be open minded that they can work their way back to you.

Universal love is a blank piece of paper, with no worldly conditions and judgments, and let’s not forget the control, the blank piece of paper stays Blank, this is Love.

If you have any questions on this article please chat with me.


Much Love and Hugs,


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2 thoughts on “Universal Love

  1. Mariza

    You know I love your article, it made me feel such a connection with what you were saying in reference to Universal love. I have loved this man for a long time who happens to be the father of my only child. I still think about him even in spite of all the wrongful things that he has done to me and all the things I’ve done to him. But I also see in my heart and somewhere in my future, that this man will somehow find his way back to me or me find my way back to him and his good graces. At least I pray that this will happen but nowadays I’ve been doing my best to try to move forward with my life and still hoping, yet still wanting to see what is else is out there in the world for me and who. I hope and pray that we will find ourselves back to each other because believe it or not we still are tied and I know it’s because we have a life that we brought into this world together that we created, but it feels more, at least for me it does. I don’t know what the future holds but I hope it something wonderful for me and my family and truly I would like to see him happy as well whether it’s with me or without me I pray that we can get along better and be good parents.


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