Understanding Your Readings

By Francis: A lot of people are drawn towards getting readings done and working with the Tarot. As a reader, it is essential to understand the needs and wants of the client while the client usually needs some kind of understanding and clarity. When people are in a confused state they are seeking answers to love queries, financial woes or general day to day troubles. Some out there believe the Tarot is a waste of time or not accurate yet when used with experience and understanding, answers do come forward in the most unlikely of ways.

francis3 The key to acceptance is belief, belief that yes, you can find some kind of clarity which will help you in the coming weeks or months. It is ideal to realize that readers do not have all the answers but can engage with energy to try to balance out favorable outcomes. A client may be frustrated and unable to listen when the guides are clearly showing them the way forward. They need to give it a chance, to try to unravel the messages being sent to them which is for their own well-being.

Lack of trust is not going to help either reader or client when working with the Tarot as the necessity to glean clarity can be uncovered by opening your sensibilities to possibility. Some people want a yes or a no answer and sometimes there is no yes or no answer but a flurry of messages coming through which they need to work with the get to the point of actually achieving some kind of realization. Randomly asking who they will marry twenty years from now is not realistic and fairy tales in life unfortunately don’t exist like this. The best way forward is to take the next month then the month after that and move slowly towards gaining awareness. Those who have no idea what they actually want might find they don’t glean the same clarity as people who have questions they have thought over for some time. Balance and control are useful.

Sometimes people are in strife, over whelmed and unable to move forward without support, these clients need understanding and insight. They need to be listened to. Magic and spells are not to be abused by clients trying to control another person’s energy as this is Black Magic and it’s very unwise to go down this dangerous path. Believe in the good, the pure, the wise and life will be much more rewarding. Unfortunately, we cannot make people do things or control another person’s actions for the selfish needs of one person. Life doesn’t work like that and the more people realize this the more karma will be restored.

Approach your readings with an open mind and lack of selfishness and unto you more will be given. It takes a lot of time and experience in life before clients might understand what is the right path for them. Begrudgery, coveting people and things, martial affairs might be on their minds but is it really the right thing to want to break up other people’s relationships? Readings will help you to see this and hopefully will be some kind of enlightenment towards self-realization.francis3

Love and Light,


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